The Distruction; From My Writers Notebook

    You wouldn’t expect the tv to work afterwards. But it did.

      The dragon was angry. The impact of a great dragons big fiery breath blowing everywhere had the impact of a nuclear bomb. It tore through the roof, and sent bird nests to the ground. It burned the sidewalk, crushing it apart as if it was arm wrestling a spider. It peeled up the grass leaving only dirt. The fire breath sliced the fence, so there were no longer a barrier separating the neighbors yard from mine.

    And there was so much noise! A thunder of growling,  a hurricane of yelling, a tornado of madness, and finally the violent sissling of the dragon breath roaring through the yard.

     Then it went quiet, except for this; Grace Vanderwaals I don’t know my name, still peacefully playing. The tv still somehow plugged in through the distruction, and so Grace is still singing into the once again hushed October morning.

inspired by Gayle Forman, If I Stay

2 thoughts on “The Distruction; From My Writers Notebook

  1. Grace’s song, “I Don’t Know My Name,” is an interesting choice for this scene! There’s an emptiness to that first verse, and it mirrors the devastation of your scene.

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