Incoming 7th graders

If you are a incoming seventh grader I suggest taking Spanish 7th and 8th grade year so you have a credit for high school because you need three language credits to graduate. I know you’re thinking i’ll just do it in high school, so I don’t have to do it now, well your irresponsible. You will be so caught up in other school work you will end up absolutely no free time or social life if you want to keep good grades. SO TAKE SPANISH!

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I Wish

I wish I had artistic skills, could type super duper fast, and had amazing handwriting while going 100 words per minute.

If I had artistic skills I would write a children’s book called ” Elephante “, but I can not draw even if my life depended on it. I am so bad when our family friend, who is 20, saw my drawings he asked me if it was from when I was a 3 year old.

If I could type super fast it probably wouldn’t take me 1 hour to write 2 paragraphs of an essay. I could also fulfill my dream of typing every single word a high school teacher said so I could know exactly what they said and I would be an A++ student. I would have a lot more free time then.

Lastly, if I had good handwriting and I could write super fast then I could probably understand what I write, could get things done faster, and get better grades.

That’s what I wish I could do.


His body was fat,

And wrinkly,

And gray,

And as he passed gas,

He ran,

And dropped right by a pond,

As he stood up,

And raised his eyebrow,

And took 4,000 pounds of flab,

And massive ears,

A long trunk,

Then out of nowhere, he walked,





He walked right into the pond,

Fat, wrinkly, gray,

Part hippo, part whale,

Part neither- for he was a elephante


Well Loved Book Nedra via CompfightSometimes people judge people for what they look like. It’s like the saying the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Some examples are if you see a short person you might think that they are not good at the sports that you would think you have to be tall to play. When you see a poorly dressed person you think they are poor or when you see a well dressed person you might think they are fairly wealthy.

If you really think about it, would you like to be judged?( no one really does)Then don’t judge other people so they don’t have that feeling.

Thin Mints

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Thin Mints are a tasty sensational treat. They are sold nationwide and some people would say they are the most heartwarming cookies in the world.They are so incredible and almost never ending. They are the most sold and popular of the Girl Scout cookies.I love them so much I could eat a whole box in three minutes. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Thin Mints. They are just that good.                  

Mint Thin Heartscookies, forever



Heart warming


Never ending







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First friends












Do you remember your true first friend? I remember mine we met in preschool.Our preschool was the best we spent all of our time there, we were inseparable. She had a very wealthy family her house was humongous they also had big flaring staircase. I had only seen staircases that big in movies with castles or manchines. They also had this ginormous fish tank with all these non-common fish like puffer fish and fish you only see at a aquarium. She had a little brother and sister, they also lived on the ocean so you could go in their back yard and there was the beach. That is a brief story of my first friend Ashley.

Hollywood New Year’s Eve game night

Hour glass

Out with the old








New years eve















Noise maker

In with the new



Times Square

I chose this topic because not that long ago I watched this show with my dad. We were laughing at all the different games they were failing at and it made me think about the show when we played gin rummy and when the rest of my family kept making mistakes. This was a fun experience for me especially spending it with just us.

Lafayette Thanksgiving

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My Thanksgiving break was painful and fun, filled with shopping, hanging with my little cousins, eating food at Great Aunt Betty’s, and horseback riding at our Fournet family ranch/farm for two days.

The first day of horseback riding was not as fun as the second day. But on the first day it was just my sister and I riding for 3 hours, and the second day it was my sister, my cousin Eden Moon, her boyfriend, and me for 6 hours.

One thing is for sure: Thanksgiving is infinity times better with your family.

Life Change!!!! ;) :(

Friday the thirteenth something that was life changing happened to me!It started with me leaving school, I was so nervous I thought that I would do anything else than go. I couldn’t bare thinking about how painful it would be. Before I went in I had called my little cousin and we had a great talk about yayayayaya!bruhhhhhbruu!

I went into the office and my nervousness grew like wildfire. We went into the room, then I layed down in the chair, after that they put the oxygen mask on with laughing gas,finally I turned on my music and they started. I fell asleep so I did not remember anything at all. But even when I woke up I was still delirious and before I asked my mom to record everything crazy I did, so she did. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. The next two days I could not eat any solids, for the next week I could do absolutely no exercise, and for the next two weeks I have to take very good care of myself. And that is my life changing experience “How I got four teeth pulled”.


Q: Mary’s father has 5 daughters – Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. What is the fifth daughters name?

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A: If you answered Nunu, you are wrong. It’s Mary!