The Halloween of 2015 I went trick or treating with my friend Kaelin. She was queen elizabeth and I was angel cake from strawberry shortcake. We went to the bluffs with my family and hers, then we split up and my sister went to a party with her sister. We had to drop them off at Sienna Hills so we just decided to go trick or treating there, mostly because of the humongous houses and quiet empty streets unlike the bluffs which was full of people. We had the smart idea to run up to the houses to trick or treat, get our candy, then hop on the running board and get to the next house. It was helpful because the houses were so big and spaced out. We came to this ginormous house with two humongus cauldrons full of candy, and there was glow sticks in them so we took them. We came back around the cul de sac, and her mom told us that that was her old friend’s house and that he had refilled the big cauldrons. So we went back and this time she made us ring the doorbell, so we did and he invited us in and he was talking about how these destructive kids took his glow sticks we felt terrible. After that, we went home and sorted are candy into bags that was pretty fun. Finally, we watched a Halloween movie.



  1. Hi Caroline,
    That sounds so fun! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and is so much better when you celebrate with a friend. What movie did you watch?

  2. Hi Sofia,the movie was Jane the .

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