Lafayette Thanksgiving

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My Thanksgiving break was painful and fun, filled with shopping, hanging with my little cousins, eating food at Great Aunt Betty’s, and horseback riding at our Fournet family ranch/farm for two days.

The first day of horseback riding was not as fun as the second day. But on the first day it was just my sister and I riding for 3 hours, and the second day it was my sister, my cousin Eden Moon, her boyfriend, and me for 6 hours.

One thing is for sure: Thanksgiving is infinity times better with your family.


  1. I think horseback riding is almost always fun!

    My sister and I shared a horse growing up, so we rarely got to ride together. When we visited our grandpa in California every summer, then there were three horses to choose from, and we had fun riding the trails together.

    My sister always chose the Tennessee Walker, and I chose the quarter horse. What kind of horse do you ride at your ranch?

  2. I think that horse back riding is fun but I am scared of horses.

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