Spain essay

Spain How!
By: Caroline Comeaux

` Spain How!? How did Spain fail at colonizing Texas? How did they fail at colonizing today’s second most populated state in the U.S.? Spain only wanted to colonize Texas because the French were trying to claim little parts of Texas, and they were hoping to claim it all. The Spanish did not like the threat from the French about taking their territory. They thought that the only way to keep their territory was to attempt to colonize Texas. So they tried! What does colonizing mean to you? And how did they not fail Texas? Did the geography, populations, and the hostile natives affect how well they maintained colonizing Texas?

Spain had about 3,000 settlers; that is very little compared to North and South America which had about 2 million spanish settlers(Doc B). Nearly all of the non-natives lived in Bejar(San Antonio), La Bahia(Goliad), and Nacogdoches(Doc B).In 1777 the population of citizens was 3,103 and, in 1790 the citizens population was 3,169(Doc B). In 1777 the total mission population was 890 and, in 1790 the total mission population was 629.(Doc B) The citizens raised by 66 and, the mission people dropped 261 people.(Doc B) It is a possibility that some people that were in the missions had moved over in the 13 year period or, it could have just been that the mission people left and new people came in.(doc b).In that 13 year period Texas population had dropped drastically!(Doc B)A quote in the document from one of the governor’s states “To govern is to populate and if there is no one then therefore there is no govern”(Doc B).That quote showed the reader that there was barely anyone in texas to govern(Doc B). Therefore, he is trying to say populate or give up.(Doc B)

Texas geography was very poor in the time period that Spain was there.(Doc A) Spain had built 29 missions in Texas.(Doc A) Texas was very unlucky to have been surrounded by the Apaches and the Comanches.(Doc A) There was a area at the tip of Texas called the “Texas Triangle” it is made by connecting Laredo to the Rio Grande on the tip of Texas to the Gulf of Mexico that is parallel to Laredo.(Doc A) The area had no missions or settlements because it was very dry and arid land which was not able to live on it had no moisture, even though it was next to the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico.(Doc A) The reason it was so dry and arid was because all of the water blew right over the land before it could soak it up.(Doc A) That was one of the reasons it was so hard to get supplies to the missions and if they did not go through there they had a possibility of getting the supplies stolen from the native americans.

Spain had a very hard time trying to controlling the hostile natives.(Doc D) They were killing large amounts of citizens, they were stealing whatever they could find, and they were making settlers and potential settlers very uncomfortable in Texas.(Doc D) They were not just against the spanish people they were against people who changed and followed their rules.(Doc D) They had killed Indians, Friars, military people, and citizens.(doc d) Most of the Apaches and the Comanches were the hostile natives(Doc D) 500 Apaches raided ranches in San Antonio and La Bahia. The Comanches killed 2 settlers one near La Bahia , and one was killed east of San Antonio both on the same day.(Doc D) They also killed a soldier from San Antonio presidio.(doc d)In August 1776, the Apaches killed a mission Indian in the San Antonio mission.(Doc D) In October 1776, the Comanches killed several La Bahia area Indians, and they also stole 100 horses in San Antonio.(Doc D) The hostile natives made the Spanish citizens scared in Texas.(Doc D) The hostile natives had a ginormous effect on Spain leaving Texas they needed people to be successful and the hostile natives were not making it easier for them to do so.(Doc D)

My questions are “What would Texas be like if Spain had not failed at colonizing Texas?”, “Would we still have become part of the U.S.A, or ever become a independent country?”, “If we did not be owned by six countries would we still have the famous park Six Flags or would it have been called One Flag Park, or Independent Flag Park, or even almost Two Flag Park?”, “Would Texas be known as Tejas?”, “Would Texas even look the same as it does now?”, “Would we have the same laws as we do today?”, “Would the people look the same?”, “Would Texas still be the second most populated state in the U.S. with 26,956,958 residents and lots of visitors”. Good thing Spain did not succeed in settling in Texas or else it would not be the same!

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