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Life Change!!!! ;) :(

Friday the thirteenth something that was life changing happened to me!It started with me leaving school, I was so nervous I thought that I would do anything else than go. I couldn’t bare thinking about how painful it would be. Before I went in I had called my little cousin and we had a great talk about yayayayaya!bruhhhhhbruu!

I went into the office and my nervousness grew like wildfire. We went into the room, then I layed down in the chair, after that they put the oxygen mask on with laughing gas,finally I turned on my music and they started. I fell asleep so I did not remember anything at all. But even when I woke up I was still delirious and before I asked my mom to record everything crazy I did, so she did. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. The next two days I could not eat any solids, for the next week I could do absolutely no exercise, and for the next two weeks I have to take very good care of myself. And that is my life changing experience “How I got four teeth pulled”.