The Alamo movie reflection


The movie, “The Alamo” was a sad but yet heartwarming movie. It was very inspiring on how the Texians had each other’s back and how much hard work was put into beating the Mexican Army and Santa Anna.

Sam Houston made a brave choice, but turned in the end the Texans won. Santa Anna was a severely selfish man who gave up texas to spare his own life. That was a decision that the rest of Mexico probably would not be happy about. William B. Travis did not seem like he was that important to have a lake, school district, 3 schools, a county, etc named after him. Stephen F. Austin was less important in the Alamo itself, but more important in the events leading to the Alamo and also providing more money and supplies for the Alamo.

This movie had effect on everyone who watched it. It had great actors to play the parts of important roles in the alamo. Even though they may have had some visual effects on the character like how Santa Anna seemed like he was 60 years old he was actually supposed to be in his 30s. It made it feel like he made a even bigger mistake for sparing his life for Texas ,because it seemed like he could have died that year.

An alternative was that they would have been the ones to attack at night and then they might not have all died. They could’ve aimed their cannons in the night all fired at once which would have killed at least ¾ of the army and not one of them would die from that move.