My Basketball Season So Far

After not being able to play basketball for West Ridge last year, this year I got my chance. Here is how our season is playing out:

We started out strong after playing a game at Hudson Bend Middle School, and winning 51-24. Early in the next week, we faced Hill Country Middle School without me. It was extremely close, but in the end we pulled it out with a 54-51 victory. We were looking good sitting at 2-0, but didn’t know how our next game would work out.

Feeling pretty good, we traveled to Lake Travis Middle school to play our next game. The first half of the game was miserable. They had lucky shots, a pretty good center, and some help from the refs. Although we out scored them in the second half, it wasn’t enough. We lost 46-40.

After a cancelled game against Sycamore Springs due to snow, we looked to bounce back against Dripping Springs. And we bounced back in a big way, winning 66-21.

Sitting at a good 3-1 record, we will play probably our most important game of the season next week against Hill Country.

One thought on “My Basketball Season So Far

  1. Insteresting, kinda cool hearing about your season . I’m think the way you layer out the chain of event was nice. Think you should make a post about your football season.

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