The Phantom’s Lair

The Phantom’s Lair
By Carson Cruver


Deep in the depths of the opera house, a deadly phantom lives in his lair. His lair of despair, darkness, desperation. Nobody has ever shown him one thing: compassion.

Separated from the outside world, the Phantom sits on his throne in the middle of a lake. He is surrounded by dark murky waters that reflect on his life. Attached to the ceiling are thousands and thousands of rattling ice cold chains.

Desperate to figure out who he is, the Phantom slowly paces back and forth next to his throne, thinking about his next victim. Murdering is all he has ever known to do. There is no hope for him to feel loved, warm, respected, or cared for.

If you somehow build up the courage to enter his dungeon, you will hear mysterious drops echoing throughout the lonely room.

Drip, drip, drip.

These are not only the drops of his victim’s blood, but the drops of his melting soul.
He was once an angel, now he is an unloved murderer living in dark isolation.

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