An Open Letter to Kylo Ren

An Open Letter to Kylo Ren


Dear Kylo Ren,

You are very strong with the force and I’m proud of you for defeating the Supreme Leader; however, I really don’t understand why you had to kill your father, Han Solo.

“I missed you,”were the words of your caring father right before your uncontrollable rage took over and you had to strike him down with your lightsaber. Why did you do it?

Even your uncle, Darth Vader, regretted the side he chose in the end. He realized that the “rebel scum” weren’t actually “rebel scum.”

You could have been cruising around on the Millennium Falcon, exploring the galaxy, and spending quality time with your father and his wookie. But no, you decided to destroy that opportunity.

I understand that you can’t bring him back and that you were under the influence of the Supreme Leader, but always put your family first.

My Summer

This summer could turn out to be the best one I have ever had, and here is why:

In June, I will be really busy with sports. I will be playing in multiple 7on7 football tournaments including a state tournament. Then, I will have a national tournament that lasts a full week long in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hopefully, both my football and baseball teams can win these tournaments.

In July, my family and I will be taking a three week long trip to Europe. We will be traveling to three cities in Spain including Madrid, Pamplona, and San Sebastián. In Spain, I am really excited to see the famous running of the bulls which is held in Pamplona. After our Spain travels, we will then take a train to Paris, France. In France, I really want to explore the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Although this trip will be a lot of fun, I will be missing my pets for three whole weeks.

I hope your summer will be as fun as mine!


Never Give Up Essay

The following essay was one I had to write for a Language Arts STAAR assignment. I wanted to have this essay flow and explain well the importance of never giving up. I hope you like it!

There are many times in people’s lives where they face a difficult task. These people can either avoid the challenge or choose to do whatever it takes to achieve it.
After 200 Texans were slaughtered by Santa Anna’s army at the Battle of the Alamo, the remaining Texans faced a difficult decision. They could surrender and avoid many casualties to their army, or they could risk their lives in an attempt to defeat the stronger, more equipped, and better trained Mexicans. Knowing the slim chances of defeating the enemy, the Texans decided to do one thing: never give up. Their “victory or death” mindset, challenging attitude despite being outnumbered, and undeniable determination to win their freedom led to their victory over the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Louie Zamparini is a more recent example of pure determination. When his World War II plane was shot down, he and two other crew members were stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He knew the odds of him surviving were heavily stacked against him, but he didn’t care. He knew that he would have to go a long period of time without water or a good source of food to stay alive, but he didn’t care. After nearly getting beat to death, the day came where the war came to an end. Louie’s perseverance paid off in the end, and he was released from POW camp.
If you choose to give up, you choose to never know how far you could’ve gone.

Why Cats and Dogs Are Both Great Pets

Have you ever heard the expression “a dog is a man’s best friend”? There is no doubt that dogs make great pets, but cats make great ones too.

Being an owner of a cat and a dog, I know how both of these furry friends act. My dog, Sydney, is for sure the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. She loves to snuggle on the couch, run around the yard, and even wrestle with my cat, Alex. Although she is an absolute joy to be around, Sydney has a very bad habit of going to the bathroom everywhere, whereas Alex only goes to the bathroom in her litter box. This is where cats even out with dogs on the great pet scale.

Alex is my adorable cat who could shatter the world record for the loudest “purr”. She jumps, she purrs, she licks. But best of all, she is actually potty-trained.

Believe me, it can get extremely annoying when Sydney goes to the bathroom in the wrong place and I have to clean it up. Most people think that cats aren’t as playful, as cute, or as nice as dogs; but, they still make great potty-trained companions.


This Weekend At My Ranch

This weekend I will be spending time at my granparent’s ranch in Dripping Springs. There are so many things to do at this ranch, so nobody will ever be bored.

Most of the time, I go down to one of the lakes and go fishing. Usually, I use a lure called a “cinco” and if I’m lucky I will sometimes catch a big bass. I have caught bass in both Mirror Lake, and Lake Jean.

A fun way of transportation around the ranch is to drive the four wheeler. Although it’s not as fast as an actual car, it’s still really fun to drive.

My ranch has a lot of animals as well. We have pigs, goats, chickens, cows, ducks, and a lot of dogs. Every day, me or my grandparents will drive around and feed all of them.

Most days we will also go walking on the ranch’s cool trails. The trails will usually lead you down into the canyon where you will find some beautiful scenery.

What ever you are doing this weekend, I’m sure it will not be as fun as what I will be doing.


The Phantom’s Lair

The Phantom’s Lair
By Carson Cruver


Deep in the depths of the opera house, a deadly phantom lives in his lair. His lair of despair, darkness, desperation. Nobody has ever shown him one thing: compassion.

Separated from the outside world, the Phantom sits on his throne in the middle of a lake. He is surrounded by dark murky waters that reflect on his life. Attached to the ceiling are thousands and thousands of rattling ice cold chains.

Desperate to figure out who he is, the Phantom slowly paces back and forth next to his throne, thinking about his next victim. Murdering is all he has ever known to do. There is no hope for him to feel loved, warm, respected, or cared for.

If you somehow build up the courage to enter his dungeon, you will hear mysterious drops echoing throughout the lonely room.

Drip, drip, drip.

These are not only the drops of his victim’s blood, but the drops of his melting soul.
He was once an angel, now he is an unloved murderer living in dark isolation.

My Basketball Season So Far

After not being able to play basketball for West Ridge last year, this year I got my chance. Here is how our season is playing out:

We started out strong after playing a game at Hudson Bend Middle School, and winning 51-24. Early in the next week, we faced Hill Country Middle School without me. It was extremely close, but in the end we pulled it out with a 54-51 victory. We were looking good sitting at 2-0, but didn’t know how our next game would work out.

Feeling pretty good, we traveled to Lake Travis Middle school to play our next game. The first half of the game was miserable. They had lucky shots, a pretty good center, and some help from the refs. Although we out scored them in the second half, it wasn’t enough. We lost 46-40.

After a cancelled game against Sycamore Springs due to snow, we looked to bounce back against Dripping Springs. And we bounced back in a big way, winning 66-21.

Sitting at a good 3-1 record, we will play probably our most important game of the season next week against Hill Country.

The Arizona Cardinals

One of my favorite NFL football teams is the Arizona Cardinals. I like them because they have quarterback Carson Palmer, running back David Johnson, and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

It hasn’t been the best season for the Cardinals. Unfortunately, Carson Palmer and David Johnson were injured early in the season, and have been out for most of the season. Drew Stanton and Adrian Peterson replaced them but then they suffered injuries!

Despite all of their injuries to star players, they still have a very slim chance to make the playoffs. Since Blaine Gabbert and Keryyn Williams took over at running back and quarterback, the Cardinals have managed a decent 5-7 record. Larry Fitzgerald has been a lot of help for them because this season he has 3 games in which he had 100 or more receiving yards. To make the playoffs, I think the Cardinals should throw the ball to Fitzgerald almost all of the time.

This weekend, they will play the division leading Tennessee Titans.

West Ridge Basketball Game #1

Awaiting to finally play, my basketball team had our first game of the season last night against Hudson Bend.

Leading up to the game, our team had been practicing for a couple of weeks. We had gone over all of the offenses and defenses we needed to win. The game started out pretty close with us going into halftime with a 9 point lead. But in the second half, we dominated, scoring 51 points to a Hudson Bend 24 points. To get this win, we had to get a lot of steals and transition points and that’s exactly what we did. Overall I thought I played okay. I had 4 points, 5 steals, and 9 rebounds. However, I did have a couple of turnovers on traveling calls, and I was 0/2 from the free throw line.

Next week we will play Hill Country Middle School, and unfortunately I will miss the game because I have to leave for Thanksgiving Break.