Last Chance


“Last Chance”,   By Gregg Hurwitz is about two brothers. Everyone 18 and older turns into a host. Chance and his older brother Patrick have a genetic immunity. They are in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The closest town Stark Peak has some secrets in it.  Patrick’s girlfriend Alex doesn’t have a long time before her birthday comes around so Patrick and Chance need to find a way to give her immunity. Or destroy the threat. The Harvesters are an alien species that go around and they conquer worlds. There is an alliance of rebels from conquered wold trying to stop the Harvesters. The high school that the survivors are in has a political mess of trying to ration and stay a democracy. As a new threat approaches everyone must get ready to bring the battle to the Harvesters and stay alive,  with the approaching………..

Just go read the book.