Game Changers Playmakers

Game Changers Playmakers by: Mike Lupica

The book I have read is in a small town in Wisconsin that has a YMCA and a pizza place.

The main character Ben just came of a amazing football season that they one in a last second touchdown. Just two weeks later they were in basketball season. Ben thinks they are a lock to win it all with Shawn on there team now. When they played their first scrimmage they got smoked by Darby. They had a new kid that was a PG like Ben. He had placed way better than him. Ben goes at it hard in practice to try to beat them next time. When Ben is home of his friends gets hurt. Ben thinks that it is his fault. Will Ben be able to come back and beat Darby? Read the book by Mike Lupica Game Changers Playmakers. Thanks for reading.

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