I choose this picture of a mountain because I go hiking every summer. I have climbed 41 of the 50 highest mountains in the United Sates. Me and my dad and my brother take around a month long road trip to climb mountains. The hardest mountain we have climbed yet is Bora Peak in Idaho. The reason it was hard was because it was really steep.

Why Hunting Isn’t Bad

There has been a big argument about hunting. Is it bad here is my opinion. Hunting is not bad if you do it legally cause hunting and poaching are really two different things. Hunters do so much for the animals we give them food and shelter we pretty much make the best living conditions for the animal and we only fil are tag limit. And it’s not like no animals are harmed at the grocery store.

Seven Wonders The Legend of The Rift.

The book I’m reading right now is called The The Legend of The Rift. The author is Peter Lerangis. It is set on the remaining part of Atlantis that is undetected by satellites and surrounded by storms. But there still is cell service on the island.

Thirteen year old Jack Mickinly has a special gene that kills you at the age of fourteen but it enhances your best talent. His friend Marco is super athletic, which also makes him super strong and fast and a really good warrior. His friend Cass has a super good memory, and his friend Aly can hack anything digital.

The only way they can all live past fourteen is if they can collect all seven loculi hidden in the destroyed seven wonders of the ancient world, and restore the balance to Atlantis. But they have to make a choice to team up with the Massa or with the Karai.

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