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South Texas Deer Hunt.

My first hunt ever in Beeville Texas it was about 5:00 am. We waited and waited for 2 hours are so. I then started getting upset,(i was only 6). I was crying but trying to keep my voice down for my dad. He finally said “we can go”. I just picked the gun up when a large Mouflon Sheep. came out it. I lined up my gun then my sights. I remembered my dad saying. “right above the heart”. Then I shot and it dropped to the ground. about 450 yards away was my shot and there was the dead animal. .Mouflon


Pierre Metivier via Compfight.


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I learned that practice and effort pay out. Neil Pert performs a great drum solo. He is my favorite drummer out of all.


Bird Dog

Casey JML78 via Compfight

I Was with my family When we got our first labrador although she was a puppy at the time she became a smart loyal hunting dog. We shot down seven birds she fetched everyone of them. And as she got older she could read were birds had fallen and how far away they were. I was sure she could do it because she always found the bird with no problem at all.


Always try your best

At my third football game for the West-ridge Wildcats I was the starting corner. for my team I great coverage and a ball was never thrown my way. It was almost he end of the fourth quarter. When I got lined up the ball was ran at full speed. we tried our best to tackle our get a hand on him. I ran my best and almost got him but missed his leg my an inch. the game was over but we lost. but all that mattered was that we tried our best.

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