Carters mountain dew reproductions

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My Sb’s

I was thinking about getting a new pair of shoes. I would get the real pair but i decided to get something cheaper. Fake Sb’s,. because they were much cheaper and looked about the same.

SB stands for skateboarding and is made by Nike. the website I bought  them off was basically what it does is buy things directly from china. Instead of buying them from Nike itself. The next thing I know im standing at the door. there’s the box right at my doorstep. And the best thing that ever happened right there,I got some air Yeezys. I didn’t know that this meant but apparently I accidentally entered a Chance To Win contest.


But when I opened the box I was amazed. I got two shoes but I was interested in the new Air Yeezys. They were blue and orange. They weren’t the color I wanted but they would do for now. It’s pretty awesome what can happen by mistake. I will always remember how I accidentally entered the contest. And how excited I was.




I was biking for my final merit badge to achieve first class. It was  a cold morning everybody was shivering and my toes felt like they were about to fall off. I decided to sit in the car for a couple minutes to get warm while I could. It didn’t last long when the instructor for biking yelled “everybody get water and Helmets”. I then walked over to the water when my friend tossed me a water bottle.


It was frozen. The next thing i know i’m on my bike going full speed down the hill and my face felt as if it were ice. Then i notice that we were only 5 minutes into the ride and had 2 hours more. I had tried my best the hold ride. I had done better than most I finally believed.


our group was only about 20 minutes into the ride when we noticed that workers were clearing a trail due to large number of rattlesnakes going into their holes for winter.  A smile emerged on my face and the others of our group. We were going hom


Almost Relieved

“Wow, this is a rainy day i haven’t seen one bit of sun”. “Its almost like the tropics, the trees are swaying and the wind sounds intense”  said my dad.

A few minutes later we got a warning that said to take place or shelter in 15 minutes. I decided to warn my friends in the neighborhood. I rode my bike as fast as I could to the nearest friend. His house was damaged and was flooding in the garage. He said the house was fine, “it’s just the garage nothing worse”. We both decided to leave the house on our bikes. It may sound like a bad idea but we need a place that wasn’t flooding of course. We were heading to the Valero. Because it carried water drainers and such, It was perfect. Him and I nearly were half past our house to the Valero. When it hailed. I felt like the force of a paintball gun. “I’m so glad we have helmets”

said my friend. It hurt so bad We had to take shelter somewhere, (a house).

We then knocked on a door a lady who looked about 70 said come in. My friend knew her well. and before later lightning struct a house on the other side of street.



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