Carters mountain dew reproductions

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Catalina Island v1

It was my first trip out Texas into a small island called Catalina. Most of my friends were on the plane with me. I was thirsty so I grabbed the mountain dew I had bought at the airport. We were getting closer to Los Angeles. when we arrived we got right on our private buses heading to the dock were we would meet the ferry.

As we exited the bus I noticed what looked like ma shark fin in the water. It was probably a dolphin I thought to myself. As we once reached the sea of the pacific ocean. I saw the fin coming from the distance. I decided I was hungry so went to grab some saltines from the bottom floor of the ferry. I sat there a minute, and decided I would go back up. when I reached the exit of the bottom floors I saw blood and the remains of a half body on the deck I knew something was wrong. Then I heard screaming and shouting from the highest floor. I didn’t know what happened but i did see the same fin with blood coming out of water next to it.



I have recently made my own flavor of Mountain Dew. Here’s what you do, you get some regular mountain dew, then some Doritos, then mix it in a blender. this is one of the best drinks ever. help me raise money to sponsor my product. Its called mount Dorito. Also I have decided to sell                                                                                                                          my drinks everywhere. Its a great drink it has 0 trans fat and I may add vitamins. This product will most likely be out summer 2016. If you have any questions leave a reply but I would like to say this drink will make you crazy, That’s why I like it!                                                                                                    MTN Dew Display WalmartCreative Commons License Mike Mozart via Compfight


Drinking Mountain Dew fight

Mountain Dew, It’s the best drink ever. I drink  3 liters a week and a bottle a day. The first thing I did when I got home was buy some mountain dew at the Valero and got my skateboard. I decided I was going to go back near the car wash and do some tricks.

As soon as I arrived I saw some kids on scooters who were younger than me but there were 5 of them. I walked right in to the gate entrance and the kid in the black and white helmet said ” give me that mountain dew kid”. As soon as he said that I responded saying “can’t catch me kid”. and I ran and his scooter gang chased me down but I got faster and faster. when I arrived home I noticed they were gone and I didn’t have to see the scooter gang again.


Christmas hunt

This winter break I had a lot of fun with my family. it started off with a trip to our families ranch. My cousins and I built on to our fort together while shooting guns at the shooting range.                                                                                                                                                                               At  3:00 vehicles. and arrived in blind, # 6…… We waited for over an hour when we saw a large buck come out of the thick brush. My dad scored him at a 190 buck which would have won the record in Guadalupe county.                                                                                                                                                                                                             before I took a shot I took a deep breath. I didn’t want buck fever so I took another and shot. Boom. It was a miss. I shot 3 times then to realize the scope was crooked I had shot down. I came back to the house and was pretty upset but now I just have to find him again. And hit him right behind the shoulder.


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