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A Close One

I was at my ranch with my cousin and his two friends. It was my cousins birthday and I was having so much fun until……
We hopped in the PolarisĀ  ATV and set off for an adventure. We drove all around with no problems, but my uncle suddenly said, “Hold on a second we might have a problem!” I froze, but was guessing everything was fine. But soon after we stopped my uncle yelled, “Get out!” The ATV had caught on fire. There was nothing we could do but run. We ran farther and farther but then, Boom!!!!!!!! The Polaris blew up and that was the last we ever saw of the Polaris. It was one of the most scary things to ever happen in my life. but we managed to calm ourselves down when the fire department arrived.

I got back to my house; I was confused whether this actually happened. I was in so much shock my arms and legs felt like jelly. But soon the morning came, and I was able to find the half- melted ATV. Near it was pieces of melted aluminum which I guessed was from the metal frame of the vehicle. This could only mean the fire was at a temperature of 12000 degrees Fahrenheit. And thank God I, and the others were ok.

One Response to A Close One

  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Wow, Carter…what a traumatic experience! I’m so glad you’re okay!

    I appreciate the way you show us your reactions, thoughts, and feelings in your writing. That’s a skill that some students haven’t developed yet, but you’ve got it! Keep up the excellent work!

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