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This week I went down to the lake with my dad and his friend. I had lots of fun but the first part made me frustrated but determined to catch a fish, I was ready. The day seemed to be going on forever without a single bite. But at about 12:00 I caught a huge fish, particularly a red ear. It was large and only 6 tents off of the lake record. This is what drove me to catch more fish and as I thought this I also did it. In the past 10 minutes I had caught 4 fish. One after the other. First the red ear, second a catfish, third a bass, fourth a perch!

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  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Four fish in ten minutes! If I could fish like that, I’d enjoy it. I think I’ve caught one fish in my whole life (a tiny little perch when I was eight years old), and I’ve been fishing several times!

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