I was biking for my final merit badge to achieve first class. It was  a cold morning everybody was shivering and my toes felt like they were about to fall off. I decided to sit in the car for a couple minutes to get warm while I could. It didn’t last long when the instructor for biking yelled “everybody get water and Helmets”. I then walked over to the water when my friend tossed me a water bottle.


It was frozen. The next thing i know i’m on my bike going full speed down the hill and my face felt as if it were ice. Then i notice that we were only 5 minutes into the ride and had 2 hours more. I had tried my best the hold ride. I had done better than most I finally believed.


our group was only about 20 minutes into the ride when we noticed that workers were clearing a trail due to large number of rattlesnakes going into their holes for winter.  A smile emerged on my face and the others of our group. We were going hom