My Sb’s

I was thinking about getting a new pair of shoes. I would get the real pair but i decided to get something cheaper. Fake Sb’s,. because they were much cheaper and looked about the same.

SB stands for skateboarding and is made by Nike. the website I bought ┬áthem off was basically what it does is buy things directly from china. Instead of buying them from Nike itself. The next thing I know im standing at the door. there’s the box right at my doorstep. And the best thing that ever happened right there,I got some air Yeezys. I didn’t know that this meant but apparently I accidentally entered a Chance To Win contest.


But when I opened the box I was amazed. I got two shoes but I was interested in the new Air Yeezys. They were blue and orange. They weren’t the color I wanted but they would do for now. It’s pretty awesome what can happen by mistake. I will always remember how I accidentally entered the contest. And how excited I was.