How to Get Homework Done!

Dear Incoming 7th graders,


Olivia and I have come up with a few pieces of advice for how to get your homework done if you have a busy schedule:


  1. After athletics, dress out quickly so that you have time to finish homework if you forgot to do it the previous night. For example, if you have one more problem on your math homework that you just couldn’t figure out how to do, you can ask a friend and do it then.
  2. Use Wildcat Time to your advantage! Even if your teacher lets you on technology, you can get so much homework done in the 20 minutes at the end of the day, and with all of the new classes you can take, you’ll have more homework than you’re used to, and sometimes that can save you from being up till 12:00 at night.
  3. At the end of class, your teacher might give you time to work on your homework. Use that time to do as much as possible. Even if everyone else is off-task and talking, do your best to finish as much as possible. Also, you have the time to ask your teacher questions about the homework, which you can’t do at home.

We hope this advice helps you to succeed in 7th grade with all the homework you will receive. Have fun with friends on the weekend instead of doing boring homework.

Do People Take Sports too Seriously?

Do some sports fans care too much? Of course, there is always one or two people who dissolve into tears when their favorite team loses.

For example, my brother met the Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener a few summers ago, and since then he has loves the Colts. Since then, Coby has been his football inspiration.

Recently, Coby got transferred from the Colts to the New Orleans Saints. I mean, imagine your favorite player getting moved from your favorite team. It would be heart-breaking. My brother cried for hours and hours.

So ya, I would definitely say the some sports fans take sports too seriously.

yellow plastic
black sea


eye-shaped shard
on a darkened map


no shores now
to arrive — or
no wind but
this waiting which
moves you


as if the seconds
could be entered
& never left


toy boat — oarless
each wave
a green lamp


toy boat
toy leaf dropped
from a toy tree


as if the sp-
thinning above you
are not
already pierced
by their own names
pixabay cc0
toys-612326_960_720This poem reminds me of when I was younger. I think that people need to remember the smaller things in life. People need to remember and appreciate the smaller things in life, rather than looking at the big things, which people tend to do.

Places to Go Before You Die

If you love adventure, or just want to see something amazing. You came to the right place. Get ready to have some fun.

Washington DC

washington-monument-816642_960_720[1]pixabay cc0

In our country there are many beautiful places. But none as beautiful as Washington DC. in the spring. There are many attractions here such as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.
Washington DC


Grand Canyon


pixabay cc0

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful canyon carved by a river vigorously eating it away. Now a days, it’s a amazing place if you want to get away for a few hours.

Grand Canyon

Gateway Arch


pixabay cc0

The Gateway Arch is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The Gateway Arch is the worlds’ tallest arch at 630 ft. and is made up of stainless steel

Gateway Arch

Harry Potter

So, I love Harry Potter so much. Anyone who knows me needs to know that.

I love all of the adventures, logic, and magic in them. All the characters seem real to me and I know everything about them. We recently got Harry Potter trivial pursuit. My mom and I have to be on a team because she doesn’t know anything about Harry Potter. I keep on reading the books over and over again so I don’t miss any details.

They may be fictional to you, but they’re real to me.

Are School Dress Codes a Good Idea?

On my opinion school dress codes are the worst things ever.

First of all, your creativity is limited to what the school finds “appropriate.” If you get a cute new top, you can’t wear it. Also, if you do t like the feel of jeans or leggings you have to wear them. Some schools don’t even allow you to wear leggings and personally I hate jeans so if I wasn’t allowed to wear leggings I wound not like school that much. So, school wants you to express creativity, but how can you do that if they limit your creativity on clothing styles.

Some schools even make you wear uniforms. My parents tell me to swim against the current, to stand out. But if everyone wears the same thing how can you stand out. If everyone is forced to wear a white shirt with a blue plaid skirt and not allowed to do anything to them. Do the teachers expect us to be creative and colorful when we are around bla colors all the times.

Seriously, when teacher limit our color choices for clothing and styles to set us apart they expect us to be just as ourself as when we are wearing the same clothes we wear when we are ourself.

Super Bowl 50

Super bowl 50 is right around the corner and everyone is rooting for their favorite of the two champions. The Carolina Panthers , or the Denver Broncos. Which will you root for? I am rooting for the Broncos.

After all, in my opinion the Broncos are the 2nd best next to the Miami Dolphins, but the Dolphins are not very good and haven’t been in a super bowl for like 30ish years. Even though I am rooting for the Broncos, I have to admit that the panthers have some good player like the quarterback, Cam Newton, and a tight end, Greg Olsen. But in my opinion Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback, and C.J Anderson, a Broncos running back are much better.

Also, the Broncos team colors are similar to those of the Dolphins colors. The Bronco’s colors are orange and navy and the Dolphin’s colors are blue and orange. Going back to Peyton Manning, some people have been saying that this might be Peyton’s last game, and how awesome would it be to end your football career by winning the super bowl. Pretty cool.

Even though a lot of people think the panthers will win because of their winning records, I think that Peyton and the Broncos will stay strong until the very end. So, in the end I will be sitting in front of my tv, actually more like standing and cheering on a Broncos victory.

Prized possession

When I was little I just couldn’t live without my Whinnie the Pooh blanket.

It had the most wonderful smell of worn use, and the silkiest smooth ribbon lining it like a frame. All of my tv friends were placed happily upon its soft canvas, as if nothing in the world was wrong.

It also had a luxurious feeling inside fabric that helped me fall asleep. When I cuddled with it all my little kid worries , like mickey mouse’s clubhouse floating away and my chocolate chip cookie not having enough chocolate, all seemed to float away as I closed my eyes and entered dream world

Without it the boggie man seemed like he was lurking around every corner.

Happy New Years


I missed the moment because my cousin Max and I, were watching Modern Family. We were in North Carolina visiting my grandparents. All of the adults had already gone to bed because they are lame. The next day we had sparkling cider, and we wrote out resolutions though I doubt any of us stick to them.

On the last night my cousins were in North Carolina, we saw a spider in the basement where we were staying and freaked out. So, we divided to move upstairs into the living room. We were all clustered in a bunch at the middle, execpt my sister, Ellis. She was sleeping on the couch. That’s my New Years in a nutshell.