The Beach

Tiny crabs scuttled across the beach
Leaving little footprints in the sand.
Waves whispered onto that sand,
Erasing all trace of the crabs,
While the sinking moon overlooked the night world.

The seagulls were long gone
And so was the noise
The air was salty,
And the smooth sand
Silences every move.

The peak of the sun reluctantly crept out from its hiding,
Burning away the darkness.
The seagulls glided out from their nests,
Singing in the day.

The pelicans dove into the water,
Hunting for a meal.
The sea lions barked
until they were hoarse.

The tall dry grass swayed
In the summer breeze.
A lonely turtle disappeared into the waves,
Never to be seen again.

The sun was going down again,
The animals were heading home,
For they had finished their shift,

It was the moon’s turn now.


Author’s Note for The Beach

In this draft, I experimented with completely changing the point of view and having people coming but it didn’t really work. I replaced that section with the sun going down again so that it doesn’t become a story and stays a poem. I added all the daytime animals so that it was similar to night time yet different. I couldn’t decide whether to make the seagulls flying, gliding, or swooping. I finally chose gliding because it sounded the most peaceful. It was hard to make everything so peaceful because the beach in the daytime is usually loud and crazy; so I just removed the people.
I like going to the beach because I don’t love the cold and there are so many fun things to do there like swim and build sand castles. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience at a beach.
I hope that you enjoyed my poem!

My Poem and Author’s Note

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