Why I Love the Summer

There are many reasons why to love summer. But summer for me is more than just sleeping in and traveling. What I always love about the summer is seeing my best friends for the best 3 weeks every year; Camp Longhorn.

Every year I get home from camp I start my count down right away! Only 9 more week from today til I get to get on the charter bus and drive to my home away from home. Not even the bus ride is the best thing there, the songs we sing are even better. Those songs I’ve sang since I’ve heard the word attaway. And finally seeing my friends I’ve missed so much is the best gift I could ever get, just hugging them for the first time after a year gives me more joy than anything else. And then that’s only the start to the 3 amazing weeks of camp. Frog day, dance nights, campfire, the blob, skits. Those are just slivers of what makes camp my happy place.

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast three week can even be. It seems as if all these 7 years of attawaytogo and singing by the fire happened in just seconds. Even though it seems so far away, I know one day I will be on that bus driving all the way to my home away from home. Thank you for the endless memories and friendships you’ve given me Camp Longhorn.

My Birthday!!

I’m super excited because on Sunday it’ll be my birthday. I’ll be 13 and it’ll be great! I’ve been waiting for this day since last April 23rd and I’m probably more excited than I am on Christmas Eve. I am going to be with some of my friends the night before my birthday and we are going to eat at Matts El Rancho.

Matts El Rancho is one of my favorite places to eat because of three reasons: 1; it’s been a family tradition to go to Matts El Rancho for my birthday. 2; it’s Tex-Mex food and who doesn’t like Tex-Mex. 3; there is a guy who does face paint for free! So those are some pretty good reasons to like it there, amiright?

I am also going to my 2nd favorite place that night, Congress Bridge. My family hasn’t gone in awhile but when we go we always go to see the bats! Some of you guys probably don’t even know about the bats under Congress Avenue Bridge, but now you’ll find out. Under Congress Avenue Bridge there are hundred of bats and when the sun starts to set they all wake up and fly away. I love watching it and it’s super fun.

Anyways, I’m glad it’s gonna be my birthday and I can’t wait! I know it’s going to be the best yet!

Lone Star Bound!

This weekend is going to be the biggest weekend this year for volleyball. My team and I are going to Dallas for Lone Star! We are going to leave Friday and drive to Dallas to play at the Convention Center.

The Convention Center is a 130 court building which about 400 different teams from all over the US are going to play on Friday through Monday. It takes about 15 minutes to find your court from when you walk in.

I am playing in the afternoon on Saturday, I’m going to play about 3 games and I guess we can only see how we’re going to do. If we win all our games we will be moved to a harder bracket, but if we loose we will move down. We will also play Saturday morning against whatever bracket we’re going to be in. And the same thing happens if you win you move up if your loose you move down. And also the best part is we’re playing Monday afternoon so I get to skip school Monday and maybe Tuesday. But anyways I’m super excited for Lone Star and I think we’re going to do great even if we win or loose, but wish us luck that we do the best we can! I’ll probably write another blog post on Lone Star next week.

Spring Break

This year for Spring Break I’m going to Chicago! I’m leaving on Sunday morning next week and staying there for five days. Plus as an even better treat I get to bring one of my friends! I’m still not for sure my friend can go, but I really hope they can. It would still be fun with or without a friend of mine.

Anyways, we are doing a lot of stuff. One thing we’re doing is going to the Art Institute of Chicago, this is where the bean is. There is also a art museum there and we’ll go to that. Another fun thing we’re doing is going to the Navy Pier and go on the rides there and going to the mall there. I went to the Navy Pier Ferris wheel a few years back and it was so fun.

We’re going to Chicago while it’s freaking there and 30 degrees, but we’re gonna brave the cold and swim if it gets a little warmer. I’m also begging my parents to go on a helicopter ride and I’m pretty sure we are!

At the end of Spring Break I’m driving out to Houston to see my cousins and go around Houston. I never get to see my cousins so I’m so pumped. I can’t wait for Spring Break and sleeping in and no homework and vacation!

Volleyball Tournament CTPL

Over the weekend my volleyball team, Ajv 13 Red, went to CTPL–Central Texas Power League Tournament.

The first day–Saturday– I woke up at 5:50 because I had to leave my house at 6:00 to get there on time. We played three different teams at Benold Middle School in Georgetown. We won all three games and that meant we won our pool.

Since we won all three games we got to go in the next tournament at Georgetown High School the next day. And obviously the next morning I had to wake up at the same time…5:50.

The next morning I got there at 6:50 and we played against a another team and if we won against that team we would play in the Gold Pool. But if we lost we would play in the silver pool. Obviously…we won and we got to play in the Gold Pool. We waited three hours to play our next game. Finally we got to play, we played a higher team than my team at Ajv, but we beat them on the third set. And then that meant we would play for first place in the whole tournament!

We played in the afternoon and it was super stressful because we went to the third set. We were down 7 whole points and they were one away from winning, but then, we got the serve! And before you knew it we were tied with them. We were one away from winning. And then we scored the point! I was so excited and we got a gold metal. I’m so happy I got to play and win the tournament!


Basketball season just ended for the West Ridge Wildcats. It wasn’t the best season (game wise) but it was super fun and everyone got a lot better. I liked basketball a lot except for the fact that we had to wake up every morning at 5:50 and run 16’s.

But anyways, we almost lost all our games and we lost our first game by 30 points. But throughout the season we got to know the team better and figured out what we had to do to win. We needed to focus a lot on defense, and that really worked!

Today we had our end of season party and we had doughnuts and other treats. We also did some scrimmaging today and I liked doing that a lot. It was so fun and I’m really sad the season is over. But I’m not doing basketball next year because it takes up way to much time and I like sleeping in. But hey track season is coming up and I’m super excited for that! I’m doing long jump, 400 meter relay, and I’m doing the 100 thing. I really wanted to do pole vault because I’m really good at pole vault and I wish it was an activity for school.

Valley View

Last Friday I went to the VVE bingo night! I’ve gone every year since I was in kindergarten and it was so much fun.

I got to visit with all my teachers and I played bingo with my friends. One of my friends won 500 dollars and it was really exciting, except they only gave me 2 dollars from their 500.

I really miss going to Valley View because it was so fun and all my classes were so easy!

Winter Break

Winter Break was really fun. I went to Colorado!

I left on Christmas Eve and landed in Denver, then I drove to Vail. jI went ice skating the first day and it was really cold outside and snowing. Then the next day I went snow mobiling at a national forest, the mountains were so pretty. Then the next 4 days I went snow boarding! I went down lots of mountains and I fell a lot. But overall it was the highlight of Winter Break.

When I got home from Vail I celebrated Christmas, I opened presents and I got some cool things! Every year we get an orange in our stocking so I got an orange to keep the tradition going!

I’m already so excited for Winter Break 2017 even though it is so far away!


This Christmas I’m going to Vail, Colorado! I get to leave at 4:00 in the morning on Christmas Eve. We are spending 6 days there and spending Christmas there. I’m so excited because I’m going snowboarding and I usually go skiing so I get to do something I never get to do. I get to go with my dad and my sister!

The last time I went was 4th grade and we’re staying in the same hotel we stayed in when we last went. It has a heated pool so we get to go swimming while it’s snowing!

I can’t wait!

Thanksgiving Week

This Thanksgiving was great! The day before Thanksgiving my cousins and my aunt came to visit. My cousins are 4 and 15. My cousins wanted to see Moana so we went and watched it! Unfortunately they had to drive back to Houston that night. The next day was Thanksgiving and I spent it with just me and my family. We also went to some parties and we brought bundt cakes. Then Friday I went to the Westlake game! We won by so much and the game was fun. The rest of the weekend I spent with my friend except on Sunday night I went to visit my grandpa and grandma, and I met my great grandmother for the first time! So I guess it was pretty good except when we had to go back to school on Monday.