Last weekend Gracie and I went to Wurstfest, which is a German carnival. We got a party bus and we went on our way to New Braunfels.

When we got there we went on the spinning bear ride, and we went on another spinning ride. Then we went on the Space ride that spins so fast you stick to the wall. We also got to the very top of the ferries wheel! Gracie won a emoji pillow but then she gave it to Jack because she didn’t want it. We were there for 5 whole hours! I’m glad I got to go!


Over spring break, Mollie and I went to Louisiana and Florida! We first drove to Louisiana and stopped and stayed in New Orleans. We went on the trolleys and we went to a really cool Catholic Church. We stayed there for 3 days and then we drove to Destin, Florida. We stayed right on the beach so we went swimming a lot! It was so much fun! Then after 3 days of staying there we had to drive back to Austin.   🙁 It took 14 hours to get back to Austin but we survived.