This Christmas I’m going to Vail, Colorado! I get to leave at 4:00 in the morning on Christmas Eve. We are spending 6 days there and spending Christmas there. I’m so excited because I’m going snowboarding and I usually go skiing so I get to do something I never get to do. I get to go with my dad and my sister!

The last time I went was 4th grade and we’re staying in the same hotel we stayed in when we last went. It has a heated pool so we get to go swimming while it’s snowing!

I can’t wait!

Thanksgiving Week

This Thanksgiving was great! The day before Thanksgiving my cousins and my aunt came to visit. My cousins are 4 and 15. My cousins wanted to see Moana so we went and watched it! Unfortunately they had to drive back to Houston that night. The next day was Thanksgiving and I spent it with just me and my family. We also went to some parties and we brought bundt cakes. Then Friday I went to the Westlake game! We won by so much and the game was fun. The rest of the weekend I spent with my friend except on Sunday night I went to visit my grandpa and grandma, and I met my great grandmother for the first time! So I guess it was pretty good except when we had to go back to school on Monday.