Valley View

Last Friday I went to the VVE bingo night! I’ve gone every year since I was in kindergarten and it was so much fun.

I got to visit with all my teachers and I played bingo with my friends. One of my friends won 500 dollars and it was really exciting, except they only gave me 2 dollars from their 500.

I really miss going to Valley View because it was so fun and all my classes were so easy!

Winter Break

Winter Break was really fun. I went to Colorado!

I left on Christmas Eve and landed in Denver, then I drove to Vail. jI went ice skating the first day and it was really cold outside and snowing. Then the next day I went snow mobiling at a national forest, the mountains were so pretty. Then the next 4 days I went snow boarding! I went down lots of mountains and I fell a lot. But overall it was the highlight of Winter Break.

When I got home from Vail I celebrated Christmas, I opened presents and I got some cool things! Every year we get an orange in our stocking so I got an orange to keep the tradition going!

I’m already so excited for Winter Break 2017 even though it is so far away!