Basketball season just ended for the West Ridge Wildcats. It wasn’t the best season (game wise) but it was super fun and everyone got a lot better. I liked basketball a lot except for the fact that we had to wake up every morning at 5:50 and run 16’s.

But anyways, we almost lost all our games and we lost our first game by 30 points. But throughout the season we got to know the team better and figured out what we had to do to win. We needed to focus a lot on defense, and that really worked!

Today we had our end of season party and we had doughnuts and other treats. We also did some scrimmaging today and I liked doing that a lot. It was so fun and I’m really sad the season is over. But I’m not doing basketball next year because it takes up way to much time and I like sleeping in. But hey track season is coming up and I’m super excited for that! I’m doing long jump, 400 meter relay, and I’m doing the 100 thing. I really wanted to do pole vault because I’m really good at pole vault and I wish it was an activity for school.