Volleyball Tournament CTPL

Over the weekend my volleyball team, Ajv 13 Red, went to CTPL–Central Texas Power League Tournament.

The first day–Saturday– I woke up at 5:50 because I had to leave my house at 6:00 to get there on time. We played three different teams at Benold Middle School in Georgetown. We won all three games and that meant we won our pool.

Since we won all three games we got to go in the next tournament at Georgetown High School the next day. And obviously the next morning I had to wake up at the same time…5:50.

The next morning I got there at 6:50 and we played against a another team and if we won against that team we would play in the Gold Pool. But if we lost we would play in the silver pool. Obviously…we won and we got to play in the Gold Pool. We waited three hours to play our next game. Finally we got to play, we played a higher team than my team at Ajv, but we beat them on the third set. And then that meant we would play for first place in the whole tournament!

We played in the afternoon and it was super stressful because we went to the third set. We were down 7 whole points and they were one away from winning, but then, we got the serve! And before you knew it we were tied with them. We were one away from winning. And then we scored the point! I was so excited and we got a gold metal. I’m so happy I got to play and win the tournament!

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