Spring Break

This year for Spring Break I’m going to Chicago! I’m leaving on Sunday morning next week and staying there for five days. Plus as an even better treat I get to bring one of my friends! I’m still not for sure my friend can go, but I really hope they can. It would still be fun with or without a friend of mine.

Anyways, we are doing a lot of stuff. One thing we’re doing is going to the Art Institute of Chicago, this is where the bean is. There is also a art museum there and we’ll go to that. Another fun thing we’re doing is going to the Navy Pier and go on the rides there and going to the mall there. I went to the Navy Pier Ferris wheel a few years back and it was so fun.

We’re going to Chicago while it’s freaking there and 30 degrees, but we’re gonna brave the cold and swim if it gets a little warmer. I’m also begging my parents to go on a helicopter ride and I’m pretty sure we are!

At the end of Spring Break I’m driving out to Houston to see my cousins and go around Houston. I never get to see my cousins so I’m so pumped. I can’t wait for Spring Break and sleeping in and no homework and vacation!