My Birthday!!

I’m super excited because on Sunday it’ll be my birthday. I’ll be 13 and it’ll be great! I’ve been waiting for this day since last April 23rd and I’m probably more excited than I am on Christmas Eve. I am going to be with some of my friends the night before my birthday and we are going to eat at Matts El Rancho.

Matts El Rancho is one of my favorite places to eat because of three reasons: 1; it’s been a family tradition to go to Matts El Rancho for my birthday. 2; it’s Tex-Mex food and who doesn’t like Tex-Mex. 3; there is a guy who does face paint for free! So those are some pretty good reasons to like it there, amiright?

I am also going to my 2nd favorite place that night, Congress Bridge. My family hasn’t gone in awhile but when we go we always go to see the bats! Some of you guys probably don’t even know about the bats under Congress Avenue Bridge, but now you’ll find out. Under Congress Avenue Bridge there are hundred of bats and when the sun starts to set they all wake up and fly away. I love watching it and it’s super fun.

Anyways, I’m glad it’s gonna be my birthday and I can’t wait! I know it’s going to be the best yet!

Lone Star Bound!

This weekend is going to be the biggest weekend this year for volleyball. My team and I are going to Dallas for Lone Star! We are going to leave Friday and drive to Dallas to play at the Convention Center.

The Convention Center is a 130 court building which about 400 different teams from all over the US are going to play on Friday through Monday. It takes about 15 minutes to find your court from when you walk in.

I am playing in the afternoon on Saturday, I’m going to play about 3 games and I guess we can only see how we’re going to do. If we win all our games we will be moved to a harder bracket, but if we loose we will move down. We will also play Saturday morning against whatever bracket we’re going to be in. And the same thing happens if you win you move up if your loose you move down. And also the best part is we’re playing Monday afternoon so I get to skip school Monday and maybe Tuesday. But anyways I’m super excited for Lone Star and I think we’re going to do great even if we win or loose, but wish us luck that we do the best we can! I’ll probably write another blog post on Lone Star next week.