Why I Love the Summer

There are many reasons why to love summer. But summer for me is more than just sleeping in and traveling. What I always love about the summer is seeing my best friends for the best 3 weeks every year; Camp Longhorn.

Every year I get home from camp I start my count down right away! Only 9 more week from today til I get to get on the charter bus and drive to my home away from home. Not even the bus ride is the best thing there, the songs we sing are even better. Those songs I’ve sang since I’ve heard the word attaway. And finally seeing my friends I’ve missed so much is the best gift I could ever get, just hugging them for the first time after a year gives me more joy than anything else. And then that’s only the start to the 3 amazing weeks of camp. Frog day, dance nights, campfire, the blob, skits. Those are just slivers of what makes camp my happy place.

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast three week can even be. It seems as if all these 7 years of attawaytogo and singing by the fire happened in just seconds. Even though it seems so far away, I know one day I will be on that bus driving all the way to my home away from home. Thank you for the endless memories and friendships you’ve given me Camp Longhorn.