Last weekend Gracie and I went to Wurstfest, which is a German carnival. We got a party bus and we went on our way to New Braunfels.

When we got there we went on the spinning bear ride, and we went on another spinning ride. Then we went on the Space ride that spins so fast you stick to the wall. We also got to the very top of the ferries wheel! Gracie won a emoji pillow but then she gave it to Jack because she didn’t want it. We were there for 5 whole hours! I’m glad I got to go!


Over spring break, Mollie and I went to Louisiana and Florida! We first drove to Louisiana and stopped and stayed in New Orleans. We went on the trolleys and we went to a really cool Catholic Church. We stayed there for 3 days and then we drove to Destin, Florida. We stayed right on the beach so we went swimming a lot! It was so much fun! Then after 3 days of staying there we had to drive back to Austin.   🙁 It took 14 hours to get back to Austin but we survived.

Texas Game

Over the weekend I went to the Texas game! I got tickets last minute and I’m really glad I got them. I got there around the middle of the first quarter! It was super warm at first but then I started to cool down. I also met up with some of my friends who were Baylor fans. I’m really glad Texas won and I was there to watch!


I’m in National Charity League Hills Of Austin which is a group of people helping people that need help. We get gifts for kids, and we serve food to people. I’m so happy I get to help out for the next 7 years!


Last weekend I drove to Dallas because it was a 3 day weekend! It took about 5 hours to get there and right away we went and stopped at the state fair. I got to see my grandparents! And we went on a bunch of rides and on the Ferris wheel. We pretty much were there the whole day. I’m so happy I got to go and spend time with my family!


Over the summer I went to Toronto, Canada. We flew to Detroit then drove to Toronto. It took about 2 hours waiting in line to get into Canada…and 5 more hours to Toronto.

I got to go to the top of the CN tower! The view was amazing! Also we got to eat crepes almost everyday for lunch because there was a a crepe place right next to my hotel. The next day we went biking in the Toronto Islands, we biked to an amusement park, a beach, and the Central Park, it was super fun.

I also saw Niagra Falls! It was so pretty! I’m so glad I got to go!


Volleyball Tournament

On Friday we had a volleyball tournament in Georgetown! The first day B team played and won all their games! The next day we woke up super early and drove back to the same place and played in the championship game! A team got 3rd out of all and B team got 2nd.