Poem #1

How much can I fit

Into a Haiku format

Oh no I’m out of


I was inspired by Friday to make this post. I think it’s kind of funny. Also, it reminds me of the writing star test.


Five syllables here

Seven more syllables there

Are you happy now?


Haiku’s are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense



Hippo, Hippopotamus, Animal, Lookphoto by: pixabay CCO


Why is everybody’s poem so serious? Here is two poems to brighten up your day! I hope you enjoy them as I did!

Where to go in Austin

Austin, the best city ever, has so much to do. If you are just visiting you will not have enough time to visit them all so here is the top 3 places to go in Austin.

First you have to go to Barton Springs. Barton Springs is a unbelievable almost 3 acre spring with a temperature of at most 70*F witch is awesome on a hot summer day.

Next, the Alamo is really cool, If you have extra time, near the Alamo there is a Imax witch shows a movie about what happens at the Alamo and how it all happen.

Last, you need to go to Zilker Park. Zilker park if a huge park with lots of trees, or no trees long distance jogging on granite trails and some swimming. ether or, Zilker park will fit your needs!

My First Mountain Bike Race

My first mountain bike race was last weekend… it was awesome! I absolutely hated the beginning, even caught someone cheating! But overall, it was the best time of my life!

The beginning was bad because a lot of people would cut you off and/or hit the breaks causing you to lose all of your momentum. Also you could get stuck behind someone really slow, and the trail was to narrow you can’t pass them. Next, After all of that commotion, you would find someone your pace and stay behind them, sometimes even talk to them!

Halfway in the race everybody would be spread out, this is the best and easiest time of passing. Then when you are keeping a steady pace you can look at your surroundings, but not for too long. then when you are well rested you can pick up the pace and maybe pass some more people.

Last is the most painful part, you use every muscle fiber to go faster, your lunges are about to burst, but you just keep pushing. Then you cross the finish line and relax, you just finished a mountain bike race!

Airsoft VS. Paintball

Airsoft is one of the best hobby’s/sport in the world.

You have thousands of options of guns. First, you’ll need to pick what you want to be… Sniper rifles, combat, CQB, (close quarter combat) pistol only, heavy support, (LMG), and more. Then your brand, G&G, KWA, polarstar, ect… Next a platform, M4, AK, Scar, then price. On the other hand there’s paintball… The same style gun but only different paint jobs and brands.

Airsoft has many different clothes… Ghillie suit, a-tacks, ACU, woodland, and more. Paintball has just the same style but, different colors.

Also airsoft has almost any terrain you can think of… We have battles In the arctic, woods, jungles, swamps, facilities, houses, urban areas, and more. When paintball only has colorful fields of inflatable obstacles and turf.

Last, in airsoft ammo is MUCH cheaper and you can carry more, in a average mag you can hold 400 rounds, and you will obviously carry more than one magazine. Then there’s paintball. The paint/ammo is extremely expensive, (and you get less) and the average paintball “pod” can hold 150 and a hopper can hold about 200. But it all comes down to what YOU think is more fun.

So tell me what you think… Paintball or airsoft?

What is Airsoft?


Airsoft is a small sport where you have guns and shoot little plastic BB’s at the other team. There are lots of different brands like G&G, KWA, H&K, and polarstar. Lots of Airsoft guns are electric, that means they are powered by a battery. Also some are gas, like Co2, or have tanks that you have to carry on your back. Next the terrain, Airsoft can be in the woods, deserts, urban areas, houses, swamps, snow, and much more, about anywhere you want! Also a big thing about airsoft is the guns are EXTREMELY realistic… my dad and I took apart my M4 platform just fine because is was so similar. And you can hold more ammo… you can hold 30 rounds to about 5,000 if you want. So if I where you I would look at some airsoft!  (WSE airsoft on youtube)


P.S. My friend got a new gun! an it’s the same gun as mine!

Next week I will do a Airsoft VS. Paintball

Car crash

Today was the day my boy scout troop will go to the coldest camp out we ever have been to. As we were loading up I knew there would be ice on the road, then I thought of a car crash. I have never been in a car crash, but little did I know, today was the day. I said my goodbyes, eager to get on the road. “99 bottles of Coke on the wall, 99 bottles of Coke, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of Coke on the wall!” We all sang on the long car ride there. We stopped halfway at a gas station to use the restroom and get some of the last edible food for days. Then we got back in the car and were on our way again. As I was reclining I felt very sleepy and started to talk less.

As I look up, I see the driver laughing and smiling, his hands gently guiding the car around the corners. Suddenly, his face turns to complete terror and I feel the car go sideways. “Yay!” I yell, as for me, I think this is a dream. This was very fun, like a roller coaster! But then I thought, what if this isn’t a dream? And braced for impact right before the hit. BANG! SCREECH! BA-DOM! “Is everyone ok?!?” Asked the driver. “Was that real? Or did I have too much beef jerky?” I replied. As we got out of the car I was freezing, I was the only one wearing a short sleeve shirt. As for my friends, they had their jackets on. Apparently our car skidded out of control on black ice. Then as we got further into the ditch, we saw an eighteen wheeler come around the bend sideways…

Part 2 coming soon…

Thanksgiving Trip!

Driving 9 hours to Louisiana was not fun, but worth every second. My whole family is spending Thanksgiving in two lake houses in Hammond, Louisiana. As soon as we got there, I flew out of the car to go see my cousins. As soon as I saw them, we started running around exploring the lake and forest. We all jumped in canoes and paddled to the middle, then we jumped up and down to see the rings flow across the waters surface. There was so much to do we didn’t know where to start! Next we had a huge pine cone war until we went fishing! My dad and I caught Sac au lait, and Bass. We ate them that evening, delicious!

The next day, we all went to the Global Wildlife Center. We loaded up on a big open train and got a huge bucket of food. We went on a safari and saw lots of different animals. The coolest thing there was when the Bucks started fighting for the food, they are really competitive. After we got back, we broke open some geodes and got some awesome crystals! Next we washed up and ate one of the most delicious turkeys I’ve ever had. Nobody can cook better than my grandmother, that’s a fact. Sadly all fun must come to an end, it was the day we had to leave. We said our goodbyes and set off for home, where we’ll start preparing for another adventure!

Mountain biking with a friend

Flying through the trees, my friend was on my tail. I knew I needed to go faster but I was too tired. ” You’re pretty fast,” I Yelled back, “but not fast enough!” Then with all my strength I pushed hard and fast, and that’s when I saw the parking lot. Finish strong, I told my self over and over again. I looked back I didn’t see my friend, nor my dad which was unusual. Next when I looked forward, and stood up my dad came speeding by, as fast as a bullet. “Hey, wait up!” I called, but he was out of sight. I looked back and didn’t see my friend, but I knew he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The trail was unforgiving. It was very narrow with lots of twisty turns. Rocks and roots around every corner, if you made a mistake you’re going down. The pain was real, but I craved victory. My adrenaline was pumping, just as my legs. I turned back one last time and saw my friend giving his last amount of energy and passed me. Then it was neck and neck. Then with a final surge of crazy energy, I passed him at the last second at the finish line. Next we put our bikes down and laid on the ground huffing and puffing. “That was awesome!” He said. “Yeah, let’s do it again!” I replied.

Lacrosse championship

Drop by Drop the rain came. We all knew it would be sheets soon, my team, my family, my friends, but we had to keep playing, this was Lacrosse after all.  The teams had only the best players going on and off the field. I was watching the clock, soon it will be overtime. This is the final game of the season and the two top teams competing in the championship were both Westlake! Westlake A Vs. Westlake B, it was really weird playing against my friends.

The winning shot was made by the opposing team in double overtime. We were all stunned, the season was over. We ran to our goalie to congratulate him, and so did the other team. After all of the congratulating and shaking hands we huddled in a huge circle to talk about the season. Everyone happily chucked their gear in the center like a bonfire. We talked until the lights shut off, it was pitch black. Laughing, everyone pulled out their phones for light, and we all went home.