An Open Letter to the Washington Redskins

Dear Washington Redskins,

You guys are a great team. I’ve loved you since I was born, but there are a few points I have to get across with you guys, and I think some of these will help y’all out a bit.

Quarterbacks. Oh boy… I know Kirk Cousins may be a little more experienced than Colt McCoy, but I remember one year that RG3 was prone to injury–what seemed like–every week, Kirk Cousins had about as many interceptions than TD passes, and Colt McCoy was the only one who could win games for us. He even led us to a win over the Cowboys… IN DALLAS! I understand the defense needs more work with allowing less points, but if the offense can’t score, it puts a lot more pressure on the defense. We have a ton of weapons out wide with Terrelle Pryor, Josh Doctson, and Jamison Crowder, but we can’t utilize those weapons without a quarterback that can get the ball to them. I’m not hating on Kirk at all, but this is just something that came to my mind.

Another issue I have is play calling. This is going to be a pretty small topic, but this is something I have to tell you guys. I remember one game a couple of years ago, we were down inside the 5 yard line, first down, a great running back (I forgot his name), Skins down by about 5 points, and you throw 3 straight back shoulder fades to the back of the end zone that were incomplete. Next play, 4th down, another pass, incomplete, turnover on downs, game over, Redskins lose. This is something that can cost us games. We have the defense on their heels, in a great spot to potentially win the game, but… we get too predictable by throwing 4 straight passes, and we end up loosing. We need to be creative with play calling in crunch time situations when it really counts, but I haven’t seen that from y’all lately.

These are some ideas that have been sitting in my head for long enough, and these ideas, I’m pretty sure, will help y’all out a lot late in the game or late in the season.

Six Flags

I want to start by saying that next week is going to be one of the most fun in the school year, besides Celebration West Ridge being on my birthday or course. The reason why it’s going to be one of the most fun, is because our whole choir, orchestra, and band (I think) are going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

When I first started middle school, I didn’t think choir would be all that fun. The only reason why I did choir was because I didn’t want to carry a 30 pound metal instrument all day. Honestly, I’m pretty happy I did choir. Its easy, you don’t have to practice at home, and you dont have to be responsible for a thousand dollar piece of metal. Another reason is that you get to go on fun field trips. Earlier in the year, we went to Main Event along with band and orchestra. We also got to sing the national anthem at a Texas Stars game, but this coming week will top all of that.

This Six Flags trip is important to me because I haven’t been in over 3 years, and in that time, they’ve came out with tons of new rides, like the new VR Superman ride. Another thing that’s cool is that the whole park is closed just for WRMS (only WRMS students). Before we can go to Six Flags, we have to go another cometition. We are going to sing the same songs that we sung last competition. After the competition we get in the bus and go to Six Flags.

I’m really excited for Six Flags. I hope it’s fun!


UIL Choir

Even though my voice isn’t like an angels, it apparently has the power to help our choir not fail UIL. Let me tell you a bit about our adventure to UIL.

You might think that for a choir to get perfect scores on UIL, you have to be the best in the nation. Let me tell you now, you don’t. To be honest with you, I was actually EXTREMELY nervous going into this competition. One reason is because my voice sounds like the complete opposite of an angel. And to be honest with you, I didn’t think our songs would be ready for his competition. What I mean by that is that we don’t have the required focus in class that we need to practice these songs. I’m not going to call anyone out, but there are people in our class that try to sabotage the songs to make it sound bad, and that’s something I don’t understand, because, what are you going to do about it? Just because you don’t like a song doesn’t mean that you need to make it sound worse than how it actually is. But even though our practice in the classroom wasn’t something to be proud of, I’m still proud with how we did in the competition, and that’s all that counts.

In the competition, every choir had to sing 3 song on stage in front of 3 judges. Every choir gets to choose 3 songs to sing out of a huge list of songs. The songs we ended up singing were What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor, Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet, and The Feast. After we sang the 3 of our songs, we go to a room with 3 other judges. That room is for sight reading. After we’re done with sight reading, we head back to the bus that we arrived in, hut as we head back to the bus, we got our scores. The scores are like this: it’s graded 1-5. 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. When we got our scores, everyone was ecstatic. The scores we got were 1 in sight reading and 2 in on-stage singing. The best part was that we got a plaque for getting a 1 as a score.

That was how we did on UIL. How did you do?

The Pros and Cons of Commercials

I think we can all agree that commercials are annoying, but people dont realize the few good thing about commercials. I’m going to give you my opinion on commercials.

Lets start with the bad things. First of all, some commercials show up too much. For example, the Game of War adds show up WAY too much! They show up on YouTube, on TV, anything that shows adds, its most likely on there. This is what I think, I think that the people making the commercials don’t understand that people have opinions about things that show up too often. Most people get very irritated by adds that pop up constantly, and trust me, I feel the exact same way. When that one annoying add pops up again, I just want to throw my phone out of the window or throw the remote into the TV. Its okay to advertise something once or twice a week, but advertising something once or twice an HOUR can really get on your nerves. If your commercial is funny, or has some kind of humor to it, it’s fine to have it pop up every once in a while to give someone a giggle, but if you show it too much, people will get bored of it and will want to stop seeing it or won’t pay any attention at all.

Now on the good things. Some commercials can actually save people’s lives. For example, some adds tell you about medicine protecting you from disease, or adds about insurance companies, or anything that might make people’s lives better. Another example is that they’re good stoping points. They can be good stoping points to take a break and continue later, or, they can be good bathroom break or snack opportunities.

Those are just my opinions on commercials. What are your opinions on commercials?

Super Bowl LI

In case you dont know, the Super Bowl is one of the greatest sporting spectacles on Earth today. Its basically the championship game for the NFL. The past couple of years, including this one, I’ve been very disappointed with the result. Here’s why.

In every national championship I can think of, there’s always that one streaky team that seems to win every year: the Giants in the World Series, Alabama in the NCAA Football National Championship, and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This year, two of those streaks have been broken, but one still stands strong: the Super Bowl.

The patriots have been to 4 Super Bowls in the last 6 years. They’ve won 2 of them. Winning 2 Super Bowls in 6 years is hard enough. But to even go 4 times!? REALLY!? There are some teams that have never even been to the Super Bowl, let alone win one. I’m a Redskins fan. Think about how much pain I’ve been in these last few years! When ever that one team wins the division, a huge frown just drops on my face.

With this years draft coming up, lets hope that other teams will get some star players that can help them beat the Patriots if or when the time comes.

Why Braces are Annoying

Lets start by saying “Why?” Who invented these torture devices you put on your teeth known as braces? Who thought it was a good idea to put 13 year olds in this kind of pain?

Braces, as people know, are supposed to straighten your teeth. Braces are succesful at that, but it comes at a cost. Food getting stuck, rubber bands, the throbbing pain in your teeth, WHY?!?!

The worst part is the dentist appointments. First of all, orthodontist appointments take twice as long as regular dentist appointments, which takes up twice as much of my day than usual. The second thing is the food limitations. Your orthodontist might tell you “No soda, no popcorn, no bubblegum…” You know how that translates in my head? “Dont eat any of the foods you’ve ever liked in your life.” With that being said, I don’t really pay attention to those limitations. I eat popcorn at the movies. I drink soda when we go out to eat (not all the time), I chew bubblegum during baseball practices and games. And guess what, nothing’s happened. Yet.

Those are my reasons why braces are annoying. What are some of your reasons? I know you have multiple.

Clemson’s New Training Facility

In case you dont know, Clemson won this years National Championship against Alabama, but they’re loosing their star quarterback, Deshawn watson, and their star receiver, Mike Williams. Clemson thought it was a good idea to build a state-of-the-art, football only, multi-million dollar training facility. Click here to find out more

Clemson’s head coach, Dabo Swinney, said that he wanted a “fun atmosphere for his players and staff.” Since they’re loosing a lot of star players, I think it’s mainly because he can attract more talent from across the country, but i’m not positive.

This 55$ million, 140,000 square foot facility will have a barber shop, arcade, bowling alley, laser tag, a 24-seat HD theater, an indoor golf simulator, basketball, putt putt and seating areas, as well as a training/rehab facility with five pools, a 20,000-square foot weight room, a nutrition center a nap room, etc. This place will have it all.

It’ll take me forever to name all of the accessories that this place has, so I’ll leave it up to you to find out the rest.

JMU Football

Alot of you may not know what JMU means if you ever hear me talk about it. It simply stands for James Madison University. You may be asking, why am I talking about this? Here’s why.

In case you dont know already, my dad and I are BIG sport fans, especially football and baseball, and we watch it all the time on TV. My dads college, JMU, has an amazing football team. Click here to find out more. They’re playing in the NCAA Division 1-AA championship game in Frisco, TX against Youngstown State. Me and my dad are leaving for Frisco on Friday, and I’m super pumped.

This is not the most pumped ive been for a football game, surprisingly. I went to the 2015 National championship when Oregon played against Ohio State. Unfortunately, Oregon lost in a blowout, 42-20. Lets just hope we have better fortune with JMU. One bad thing about the game is that its supposed to be below 40°F at the game!

Make sure to wish JMU luck and Youngstown State bad luck!


Christmas decoration Katrinitsa via Compfight

This Christmas is a cold one here in Texas, there’s alot going on this year, and I’m going to tell you about it.

Im going to start by saying that this year is the coldest in a while. Its the first time in about 2 years (not relly) that ive worn long pants and/or a jacket. It’s also very rainey, but not cold enough for snow or ice. I dont really have much of a Christmas list yet this year. Nothing but an Apple Watch. Im not really in to the plastic toy trucks anymore. Im more about electronics. The reason why I almost dont have a Christmas list, is because there aren’t any new cool gadgets out, except for the Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 (worst phone ever!).

Now lets talk about the good stuff. The good thing is that all my family visits, grandma, grandpa, sister, cousins, etc. Even though I dont have anything on my Christmas list, my grandma always finds something to get me, its quite remarkable. I just hope I can figure out more things to put on my Christmas list.

This may sound like I focus too much on my christmas list, but that’s not true. It’s SO much fun when all my relative come and visit, that’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday.