Screen Time Danger

When you do screens they are very fun but do you know what it can do to your mind?

the average kid does 6 hours a day on electronics,which can shrink or kill brain tissue in the front part of  your brain which helps control your emosional prossesing, executive attention, and decision making. Kids suffer from sensory over load and lack sleep this is what is called electronic screen syndrome. These kids are usually moody, have a tuff time paying attention. So use screen time wisely!


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How to draw 3D M


The M has shading. It really looks 3D.has easy steps for starter drawers.

to learn more go to: once your there, go to the surch bar and type “how to draw a 3D M” then surch. There will be a lot of vids so pick the one you desire.

Hamilton Pool

I see a dome like half of a ball,filled with stalagtites and stalagmites like ice cream cones. You can hear rumbling like a hungry stomach. Sparkling  blue,emerald green green water shimering that blinds you, the water fall hangs over the top like a drape. Water drops drip from the stalagtites like falling crystals. The place that is called Hamilton pool.

Seven Wonders

The book I read was The Seven Wonders the colossis rises. The author is Peter Lerangis. The setting in most of the book is the Kirai institute which is on a island in the bramuta triangle. On the island, mount onix is a already erupted volcano. The plot is, they try not to die because of g7w which makes stuff your good at into a super power. But it cuts off your life time at age 13. There is a orbs called the loculis seven of them.They try to get all of them before time runs out. They use treatments to stay alive a while longer.