September 13

One Came Home

I recently finished the book One Came Home by Amy Timberlake. This beginning of this book’s setting takes place in Placid, Wisconsin and the main character Georgie. Georgie lives in dog hollow and her sister Agatha goes missing, a few days later the body was found but Georgie believes that this was more than a simple shooting. She negotiates will Billy who was Agatha’s ex and they manage to make a deal, so Georgie could get a horse and live dog hollow to find out the truth. What happens though is Billy brings a mule instead of a horse he brings a mule. Billy tells Georgie he’s coming too and Georgie reluctantly allows him to tag along. Georgie lives a note for her family and she then heads off with Billy to find out the truth to what happened to Agatha. On their trip to follow Agatha’s path into Dog Hollow a cougar attacks them. To find out what happens next just read the book.

September 11

Top Memes

Top memes (in my opinion):

1. Vsauce, it’s a very top meme and it deserves this spot.

2. SSB chracter intro, it’s jut absolutely amazing.

3. FBI open up, it is very good meme.

4. Ali A’s intro, it burns my ears so it’s good enough.

5.Gamcube compilations, this meme deserves its own church to be honest.

That was my top 5 best memes.

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