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Good Bye Blog, Hello Summer!

Now that this year is coming to an end. I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of little stories about the past couple months. The first story starts off a little crazy, but its all good.

This first story occurred a couple months ago. One day I was looking out the window when all of a sudden a big black dog comes barreling down the street and straight into our yard. Of course I had to go see where it came from, so I went outside with my mom to see if we could return the dog. It turns out she was a girl and her name was Dancer. We dialed the owners number several times with no awnser, so we decided to just put dancer in our car and drive her to the address on her collar. When we got there 2 teenage girls opened the door and thanked us. This had been the second time we had saved a pet in two weeks! (This is the second story)

This next story correlates with the previous one and occurred a couple weeks later. Basically I was looking out my window(again) when all of a sudden a German Shepherd and a big fat tan dog that was blind come trotting into our yard. Of course I had to see how I could help, so I grabbed my mom and out to the yard we went. This is a little unusual but while my mom was grabbing the car the two dogs started to wander away. I tried to call them back, but they wouldn’t listen. The blind dog was standing in the road, so I chased him to he side walk to make sure he wasn’t hit. Eventually they both disappeared. My mom and I both decided to take a loop around the neighborhood to search for them. We also knocked on a couple people’s doors but no one seemed to own them. We eventually gave up because they were no where to be seen. The next day we saw them again… they were wandering off so we left them alone.

The next story is absolutely crazy! About 3 weeks ago my mom was driving me and my friend to math tutoring when all of a sudden… CRASH!!!! A huge truck had just smashed into the side of my moms brand new car! None of this was my moms fault because my mom was stopped at a red light. The lady driving the truck looked the other way and hit the gas SMASH!! She took full responsibility for “looking the other way” we pulled into a parking lot where my mom and the lady discussed insurance and all that stuff. Since I  have uncontrollable anger I got out of the car and screamed. I’m not talking about any regular scream I’m talking about a scream so ear piercing that it could shatter glass… I was furious. Then I started to cry… a lot. This was mostly to make the lady feel extremely guilty. When she saw me all she said was “sorry hun” she also said “that’s why I drive a truck”. Grrrr some people. Ugh at the moment, two weeks later my moms car sits in the shop being repaired. Thankfully she gets it back Tuesday!

This last story isn’t really crazy it’s just something fun! So last Friday at school after our band competiton, for which we won superiors for all 3 bands, and a fist division excellent for wind ensemble; we went on a field trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and it was sooooo much fun! We drove a whole two hours to San Antonio! Luckily we drove on super comfy charter busses! When we got to the park I met up with some of my friends, and we decided to go on a super quick spinning ride. We then went on Gully Washer which is a super fun water ride where you get soaked! Next we went on another water ride called Bugs White Water Rapids where you also get soaked, but this one had a pretty scary drop! Next I went on my first roller coaster(can you believe it?) with one of my friends Called the ACME Road Runner Express 6 times in a row!! The last ride was called Sky Screamer which is like a really really big swing except it’s really high in the air and spins pretty fast! I also ate a ton of delicious food! Yumm! Over all this trip was super fun, and was my first time going to Six Flags. I even begged my mom to take me and my family there this summer! Yay!

Now it’s time to say good bye to my blog. This is probably the last blog post I will write for a while! I’ve really enjoyed my blog this year, it was an awesome experience! Farewell blog! Hello summer! I can’t wait until summer because this year we’re going to London, Ireland, New Orleans, and New York! Bye bye guys! Thanks for reading my blog post this week. As always stay street✌?❤






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On Sunday it was Easter, and this year the Easter bunny came and brought tons of candy! This Easter was a little different because my brother Paul and Lulu(care giver) weren’t here. Other than that is was pretty good!

On Sunday morning I woke up to a basket filled with candy! I got a lot of chocolate, gummies and a cute stuffed animal! After eating a bunch of candy my mom, dad and I went to the 9:00 church service. After church they gave us strawberry lemonade and chocolate chip cookies!

When we got home it was time to prepare for our family feast. Most of the food was catered for us so we didn’t do much cooking. When we got home we started to warm up the food and put it on platters. I also helped my mom out by setting the table and decorating it with chocolates and flowers. Soon my family was coming over so I needed to get dressed. I wore a blue butterfly romper and a white, blue and pink flowered kimono. Finally when I was done getting dressed parts of my family slowly started to arrive. I couldn’t wait!

After everyone was here we talked and had a few snacks. I also helped my two aunts heat up the rolls, make salad and get drinks. At 2:00 it was time for our late Easter lunch. We had ham, tenderloin, rolls, multiple salads and lots of fruits. After everyone was done eating it was time for desert! We had a cake, pecan pie and a buttermilk pie. While we were eating desert my dad was hiding Easter eggs upstairs for my my cousin and me to find! They were filled with chocolates, stickers and small toys! When we finished hunting for eggs it was time for everyone to go home.

I had a great Easter and I hope all of you had a great Easter too! Tell me about your break in the comments! Thanks for reading my blog post! Stay street!✌?❤

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Panic! At The Disco Concert!!

On Sunday I got to go to a Panic! At The Disco concert with my mom and dad!! Finally the time came when we could finally go because I’ve had these tickets since October 2016!  I was soooooo excited!

On the night of the concert we arrived late so that we wouldn’t have to see the two beginning bands, but early enough to get merchandise. We first stopped by the snack stand and bought some blue cotton candy. Yummmm! We then went to another table and bought a poster with Brendon Urie on it, a Panic! At The Disco bracelet and a Panic! At The Disco lanyard to hold my ticket! At the last table I bought 2 Panic! At The Disco shirts!

After we bought the merchandise we went into the venue to find our seats, luckily we were really close to the stage, but weren’t in the pit. Before Panic came out they had a 10 minute countdown that was super suspenseful! Finally when the time was out they came out singing Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time! They then continued to play my favorite songs such as Ready To Go, Miss Jackson, Let’s Kill Tonight, The Balled Of Mona Lisa and so many more! My two favorite parts of the entire show is when Brendon sang Girls/Girls/Boys and everyone turned on there phone flash light and shined it through colored hearts making the entire venue rainbow!! And the best part of the show for me is when he played This Is Gospel! He got on this little platform with a piano on it, and it started to spin and rain down confetti! This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to him because he was about 6 rows away from me!! It was so amazing and I took so many videos and pictures!!

The show was really really good!! I loved it so much especially because it was my very first concert, and an unforgettable moment! I really hope I get to see Panic! At The Disco sometime in the future! 🙂

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post! Stay streat✨✌?❤

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Why I love spring break!!

Okay…I’ve got to wake up now and get ready for school. I don’t want to be late so I better hurry…wait…IT’S SPRING BREAK!!!!

Alright, I must admit I LOVEEEEEEE spring break!! First off I don’t have to go to school!! A whole week without school is amazing! Don’t get me wrong I love hanging out with my friends at school, but homework and studying…not so much. And during this week I have absolutely no tests, no quizzes and noooooo learning checks!! Every week I have at least one of those in all my classes! Also I don’t have to do any boring homework over the break! So this is something I’ll definitely be looking forward too!

Another reason why I love spring break so much is because this year I get to go to Colorado again!! I’ve gone every year since 3rd grade to go skiing. Also there is going to be a lot of snow, unlike Texas. I just love the cold and how much snow there is! Most importantly it’s somewhere away from Texas and my house! I’m leaving a week from tomorrow, how exciting! By the way I’m riding on a plane because there is no way I could drive all the way there! Going to Colorado in a week is going to be the number one thing I’ll be looking forward to during spring break!

As you can tell I’m pretty excited to be on spring break in a week. What are you doing for spring break? Are you going anywhere? Let me know in the comments! Byeeeeeee!❤️

But before you go remember to stay alive and stay street frens!|-/✌?



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The day I Saved A Cat!!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sara and I were walking home from the bus stop and we saw a cute little cat!! Of all things a cat…well it’s time for a rescue!!

So Sara and I immediately jumped into action! We slowly walked up to the cat to see if it was friendly, and it turned out that the cat was friendly! We also discovered that the cat was a girl and that her name was Kian! We played with Kian so that she could know that we weren’t going to hurt her. Around 2 minutes later she turns on her side giving us belly up, which means she trusts us.  After she rolled on her belly she strutted to a near by tree and began scratching it!! (How cuteeee!!)

Suddenly I had an idea that I could go get my mom and she would know what to do. So I ran across the street to my house (while leaving Sara with Kian) to get my mom! After I told her what happened she agreed that she could take Kian home. Luckily Kian was wearing a collar so my mom dialed the number on the tag and someone answered. The lady on the phone told us where she lived and my mom said we’d be on the way. Sadly Sara had to go home but this really nice neighbor came along to help us! So while my mom got the car our neighbor and I decided to pick up Kian. When my mom drove up we lifted Kian into the back seat and I hopped in beside her.

We drove to Kian’s house and on the way there we found out that Kian had walked a LONGGGGGGG WAYYYYY!!(Wow I couldn’t believe it!) When we got to the house the mom and her 2 children were waiting in the front. She thanked us for returning Kian and then we went back home!

Well that was a fun experience! I wonder what other animals I’ll save as an animal whisperer! Have you ever saved an animal? If so tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading this weeks blog post!

But before I go remember to stay alive and stay street frens!! |-/✌?❤️


Why I always dread orthodontist appointments!!

Okay.. Gonna walk through that door and get this apontment over with….. “HELLOOOOOOOOO!!” Ughh hello to you too miss orthodontist lady….  (And hello to my aunt!!)

Alright, if there’s somthing I hate more than anything it’s an orthodontist appointment!! First off they have to put a bunch of random tools in your mouth that feel super uncomfortable. And if you’re getting braces tightened they have to untie the ties, take out the wire and then put it all back in! And when the wire is too long they put this super sharp and scary wire cutter in your mouth to cut them. And of course there are those times where you break a bracket and they have to dry my really sensitive teeth with a weird tube, drill of the old glue and then glue it back on along with the rubber bands. I’ve broken the same bracket already twice!! So they had to put a covering thing on my tooth. So I really dread having all these strange tools in my mouth!!

Another thing I  don’t like about the orthodontist is the glue and cement they use!! First off it tastes soooooooooo bad!! YUCKKKK!! After I get glue on my teeth to replace a bracket I feel like I have to drink a gallon of water to wash it out!! And when the glue is getting drilled off the little glue bits that fly around and hit me in the face smell and taste so bad it’s almost like eating saw dust!! GROSSSSS!! So that nasty glue is another thing I dread about at the orthodontist. I wish they could get better tasting glue one day!

So if there is one thing I dread the most it’s having an orthodontist appointment!! I know I have to go because of my braces, and I know my mom tells me all the time…… “Your teeth will be so pretty when you’re done!” Anyway what is the one thing you dread the most??

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post!! I hope I made you laugh!!

But before I go remember to stay alive and stay street frens!! |-/ ❤️✌?


The Phantom Of The Opera

Last week and the week before at school we studied The Phantom Of The Opera!! Then part of last week and this week we got to watch the movie!! Overall I thought the Phantom Of The Opera was really good!!

Okay so I know I said before that it really liked it, but I really REALLY liked it!! It now has to be one of my new favorite movies of all time!! And better yet I’m going with my family to see the play in April!! I can’t wait to go! And I can’t wait to see if the play will be as good as the movie was!! Also I’m wondering who they chose as the actor for Christine and the phantom!?? Anyways I’m guessing the phantom’s face will look kind of different than it looked in the movie. During the end of the movie I thought it was super duper sad that I was actually about to cry because I just felt sooooooooo bad for the phantom!! ;(

Anyways thanks for reading my blog post this week!! And tell me whats your favorite movie and have you ever seen the Phantom Of The Opera??

Remember to stay alive and to stay street!! |-/??❤️



On Friday the 16th we got out of school for holiday break!! On that day it was a half day and also pj day, so I wore my dalmation onesie!! In all my classes we watched movies,  which was super fun. At the end of the day it was time for a 2 and 1/2 week break!!

On Christmas Eve my family and I went to church at the 5:30 mass. After church we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants!! But sadly(even though we had a reservation) IT WAS SOOOOO PACKED!!! We waited for almost an hour!! By the time we got home it was super late. Usually on Christmas Eve my mom allows me and my brother to open one present!! So I did and I got cute red striped T- shirt with a doggy on it!  After that it was time for bed. I was so excited  for Christmas!!!! And of course, before bed my dad read me The Night Before Christmas.

The next morning it was Christmas!! Since I woke up super early I spent some time reading and wondering what Santa had brought! At the stroke of 7 am I ran down the stairs to wake my parents up. After I woke them up we all went to the den to see all the gifts laid out on the sofa! I got a lot of clothes, Bath and Body Works products, books, stuffed animals and some toys!! After my parents, brother and I finished opening our presents it was time to get ready for our family Christmas party!! While my mom started to get ready, my dad and I went to get Lulu (nana/ babysitter). Of course I couldn’t leave home without having somthing to eat, so I had a small breakfast of some biscuits. When we got back home we started to cook all the food we had gotten on Christmas Eve! I helped cook everything because it’s so much fun!! At 1:00 the rest of my family started to come over. And finally at 2:00 we got to eat our Christmas lunch!! It was soooo delicious!!

My Christmas was awesome and I loved being on break!! How was your holiday break?? What did you do??

But before I go remember to stay alive and stay street!! |-/ ❤️



Tuesday afternoon we got out of school for Thanksgiving break giving us 3 days off and a weekend so 5 days in total!!

On Wednesday my mom and I went shopping for food supplies. We went to Whole Foods for the main dishes and HEB for the pies. At Whole Foods we got the turkey, some pies, stuffing and green bean casserole. At HEB we got some more pies and other desserts.

On Thanksgiving day I got up SUPER early and my dad and I went to go get my babysitter/nana Lulu. When we got back to the house Lulu and I started to cook. We got the turkey ready for the oven and made the sweet potatoes. While everything was cooking I helped my mom set up the tables and decorate them with silverware, Thanksgiving decorations and chocolates. My family wasn’t coming for another hour so I just relaxed and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! At 12:15 my family started to show up at the door and this year my grandma and aunt from New Orleans were coming along with my brother Paul who is in college. The rest of my family that was coming were my two other aunts, my cousin, my dads cousin and my aunt from New Orleans’ best friend and her son. Before Thanksgiving was served,  I started a card game of UNO with my aunt, her best friend, her son and my brother. And obviously I Ended up winning!!

Thanksgiving was finally served and it was super yummy!! But my favorite part was the dessert! I love buttermilk pie it’s the best!! On Friday I spent time with my grandparents from New Orleans and on Saturday morning they went home. On Sunday morning my brother went back to college and I can’t wait to see him for Christmas!!

Thanksgiving was overall really fun and I can’t wait until next year! But for now I’m focused on Christmas!! How was your break? Tell me in the comments. Byeeeeee!!

But for now remember to stay alive and stay street! |-/ ✌?


Mornings Poem

As I open my eyes and look up at the ceiling,

I think for a minute that I have to go to school today.

Eventually I get up and my legs slowly roll of the bed

And touch the ground in silence on the shaggy tan carpet.

I slowly stagger across the room and hit the light switch

Turning around to yawn and scratch my head.

I shuffle to the bathroom and glance at the mirror, turning on the light

And picking up my pumpkin orange toothbrush and the regular Colgate toothpaste.

I carefully twist the top off the half empty bottle of toothpaste

And squeeze out a short squiggly and pearly white stripe.

Then I turn the faucet on, filling a cup and wetting the brush

Circles, circles, circles around and around and around on my teeth.

The strong minty flavor burns as I pull the brush out of my mouth and clean it,

Taking a long sip of water to wash it out, watching the paste swirl down the drain.

I drag myself to my drawers and pick out something to wear.

I grab my bag with all my supplies ready and tucked inside

And I walk towards the door awake and ready for the day

Turning of the switch and silently closing to door.

Author’s note: This poem is supposed to be my normal morning routine. I selected this topic because It’s a part of my day that’s not very eventful but I wanted to see if I could maybe change that and put it in a poem. This poem started out uncentered and the word choice was very bad at first but then I decided that some of the words could be changed and that it could be centered. For my readers I want them to know that you can turn any boring event into something amazing. With silence and time you can write something incredible and worth reading!


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