The New Revolution

This weekend I went to Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas. They just released a brand new type of ride and it was truly amazing! It is called “The New Revolution.”

Once you board the roller coaster everybody gets a virtual reality headset and straps. You are immediately sent to a parallel universe where aliens have taken over. You shoot at targets as you slowly rise to the top of your highly advanced training building. As you reach the top the roof gets torn off and you instantly see thousands or aliens ships, fighter jets, & one big mothership. One the alien ships rip off you gun as you plummet to the ground. Laser cannons are being shot everywhere and every second buildings are going up in flames. You flip, spin, loop, & fly around helplessly.

This was so awesome and fun. I really will never forget the excitement and shock that I had. Hopefully all of you guys will be able to experience one of these amazing virtual reality roller coasters!

Billy & Silly Go On A Stupendous Adventure

Billy & Silly skipped down the street while eating apple pie on a stick.
“Well gosh! This apple pie on a stick is too darn good!” Billy screamed.
“I KNOWWWWWWW!!!” Silly exclaimed.
“We should go on a stupendous adventure to find more of this GOSH DARN CRAY-CRAY APPLE PIE! Am I right brother!?”
“You are right brother!”
Billy slapped Silly in the butt as they skipped into the sunset. This was going to be stupendous adventure!

“We are HERE!” Billy snorted.
“Charlotte!” Silly screamed while running in circles.
Someone was stalking Billy & Silly. Little did they know that an attack would be happening soon.
“Hm, I feel like someone is stalking us and that an attack will be happening soon!” Billy said rather loud.
“Nahhhhh!” Silly assured.
So Billy & Silly grabbed the apple pie on a stick and walked away.

Billy saw a squirrel on a tree and excitedly grabbed a pogo stick and tried to jump to the cottage cheese house with fun balloons inside.
“But Gregorio lives there” Silly said quietly.
“GRegORio Is So TaStY yUmMyLiCiOuS!”
Billy & Silly argued until they were 68 years old.

Gregorio is a snail.

Apple pie on a stick is really addicting.

Billy & Silly go on the coolest adventures!

The Blobfish

His body was gooey
And slimy
And brain-pink
And as he turned his head
He let out some poo,
He is so lonely
Nobody loves him
Snot dripping out of his mouth
A nose as big as the moon
Eyes that are plain weird
And a frown that’s been on his face for a year.
When I see you I vomit
You’re uglier than my ex-girlfriend
Please go die in a hole
My hatred for you will never end.

Inspired By: The Shark

Photo Credit: Stina_Christina via Compfight cc

The Man From Peru

I wrote a limerick. I thinks it’s pretty funny. I wrote this to see how humorous I could make a poem. I just wanted to take a break from writing scary things and try to write some more funny things.


The Man From Peru
By: Christopher T.

There once was a man from Peru

I thought that he sucked on my shoe

One day he stopped

I looked down and saw

That all my suspicions were true!

Picture Provided By Pixabay CC0

Three Tourist Attractions In Austin, TX

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Austin is an amazing place with many amazing attractions! Here are three places that you must visit!

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

  1. Zilker Park

Zilker Park is an awesome park to do basically…anything! From riding in a tiny train to swimming in a freezing cold pool. A perfect place for travelers!

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

2. The Capitol

The Capitol is the place where some laws are made! The public is allowed to tour more than half of the entire building! It’s a truly amazing experience!

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

3. Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is beautiful! The water glistens as the sun hits the water at just the perfect spot! The Austin, TX boardwalk was built over Lady Bird Lake! You can even have an amazing time riding your bike along the boardwalk!

The Institute

I jumped back, barely dodging the whizzing bullet. Whatever was shooting at me wasn’t going to stop for a while. I jumped behind a green Chest with rust on the edges. I flipped open the lock and creaked open the top of the chest. Another few bullets whizzed by, barely missing my arm. I peeked into the Chest and gasped: a missile launcher. I grabbed the missile launcher and it’s one and only missile. Let’s hope that whatever is shooting at me doesn’t have friends around.

I clench the missile launcher in my sweaty palms and pull the trigger. I sprint toward the back of the room as a giant explosion echoes through the halls. I trip over an ammo box and hit the cracked ground; hard. I open the ammo box and find some tatos, mutfruit and about 21 bottle caps, I quickly gobble the food down and pocket the caps. I get up and investigate what was shooting.

I knew it, you can never trust Synths. He dropped an institute gun, could come in handy later. Time to find a way out of here. Let’s see…oh awesome! A door, there is a 50-50 chance that Synths are waiting for me at the other end. You know what, I got a gun! Let’s go! I throw open the door as sweat drips down my forehead. I quickly scan the room and lower my gun. I wipe the sweat off my forehead as a turn a corner. Suddenly I hear shouting. I try to turn around but I trip over myself and fall to the ground. 3 Raiders appear. This is the end. Then, I look left. “A grenade!” I swipe the grenade and chuck it at the raiders as I make my escape.

I see the exit. I run towards the door and kick it open. Was that a good idea? For miles all I can see is Feral Ghouls and Super Mutants, all giving me the death stare. I take a bite of a carrot that I find in the ground. “Here we go!”

Something Following Me (Part 2 Of Dead Asleep)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, “Pound Pound Pound!!!!!!” It’s useless, I’m going to die in here.

“Pound Pound CRACK!!!” Yes! I made a crack in the coffin, lets peel some of the cracked wood away now. “Pshhhhhhhhhhh,” oh no no no no nooo, dirt is pouring into the coffin! I need to get out fast! “Pound Pound Pound CRACK!!!” Another crack! Ugh, more dirt!

Ok, the dirt stopped, I’m buried now, well except for my head. If you didn’t catch it already, I’m a girl. I don’t know my name though, or anything else. All I know is, I was in a coma and I’m a girl. Not much to go off of.

Let me see if I can get out.

Ugh, an hour has gone by, I’m still buried up to my head, sharp rocks. I haven’t moved in so long that I don’t have enough strength to lift myself out.

Two hours.

Need food.

Need water.

Need sleep.

Ok, I’m up. What? That’s weird. The dirt is gone? Strange…

Ok, I’m out. My whole body hurts.

Wow, it feels weird to walk, yet it feels so good.

Oh god, shh…I think something is following me.

Ahhhhh, no!

I can’t escape.

I can’t run fast.

*Trip* Ow. No! He’s getting closer.

This is the end.

This is the end of…well I still don’t know my name.

Huh? Who are you. Why do you only have one arm?

“Stop running, it’s ok!”

Who…who are you! Answer me!

“That’s not important right now, all that matters is that you are safe!”

The Visitor Part 12


“Ugh! Turn on stupid robot!” I scream while banging my hand on the metal sphere.


yes! The robot is awake!

“Hello! I’m robot 396 of the robot industries!”

“Oh! Hello….what’s your name?” I ask.

“My name is Nosroth Gilfilburmen!”

“Um, can I just call you Noss?”

“Of course…master.”

I grab Noss and show him the hole. “You think you could get me out of here?”

“Of course!”

I grab Noss with my only hand and he flies out of the hole! Julie! Here I come.

“Well well well!” A mysterious voice says. Julie is on the ground, mostly likely dead. Julie would never come back home, she will never grow up, I never even said “I love you” before she was stolen. Why does it have to end this way? “You are coming with me girl!” The man picks up Julie and walks out of the room, laughing.

“Thank you so much Noss! Hey what do u think about helping me find my sister?” “That would be splendid!” he announces.

“Time to put you where no one will find you!”

“Time to find Julie”

“Time to end Chris! Once and for all!” The man cackles. “Off to cursed mountain!”

“We are at cursed mountain Chris!” Noss says. “Sounds scary,” “indeed it is!” “C’mon we need to cross cursed mountain!” “YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE CHRIS! TIME FOR YOU TO DIE! I’M ENDING YOU AND YOUR SISTERS LIFE!” The mysterious man says, pointing to a cage with Julie in it.

Dead Asleep

Where am I? It’s been…a week, a month, a year? My mind hurts, ughhhhh. I’m going back to bed.

Oh, I’m up! I can barely see what’s going on, my eyes are barely opened, can’t move my hands or legs. Doctors? Some people in lab coats are looking at me.

Oh snap! One of the doctors said I am in a “coma,” shouldn’t I be asleep? Ah, who cares.

Still can’t move my arms or legs.

Weird, more doctors coming to look at me. I try to talk, nothing comes out. “Hello” I want to say. But I can’t

I’m tired, need rest.

Still tired.

Less doctors now. Keep on hearing something about a coma. Oh, a doctor is looking me in the eyes. He whispered something to one of the other doctors. He puts his hand on my heart.

I’ve been getting visited by doctors less and less everyday.

I don’t know who I am.

What happened to me?

Why am I here?

It’s been at least a week and no doctors have showed up.

I’m going to bed.

I’m up! Why is it so dark? Someone must of turned off the lights or something.

I can’t hear anything.

I feel the urge to lift up my hands just to see what will happen.

Yes! I can move my hands! I punch my fist in the air. “Thump.” Ow, I just hit my hand on something. I start feeling around, I’m in some sort of a box.

Then I realize where I am, somewhere where no one will hear my screams.

The Forest

John and Christine, a newly wed couple, wanted to spend a weekend in the forest. They packed their bags and got on the road.
“I can’t wait to go camping with you John!” Christine exclaimed, smiling.
“I know! Me too!”
Christine kissed John on the cheek.
“How much longer again?” Christine asked.
“About three more hours! Hey, it’s fine, remember?”
“Remember what?”
“You just downloaded 22 Jump Street on your phone, watch that!”
“Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me.”
Christine slipped on her headphones and started the movie.

“We’re here.” John announced.
Christine jolted up from her sleep.
“Huh?” Christine said groggily.
“We’re here!” John repeated.
“Oh! Yay!”
Christine and John got out of the car and unpacked their bags.
“We should pitch out tent, it looks like it’s going to rain.” John said nervously.

After the tent was up John walked to the front and unzipped it.
“Let’s get in and set up our sleeping bags,” John said.
They both stepped in the tent. Christine stared nervously out the tent.
“What’s wrong?” John asked.
“I don’t know, something just seems off…” Christine said uneasily.
Just then it started pouring rain.
“Get in!” John exclaimed as he pulled Christine in the tent.

An hour later the rain was still going on strong.
“Christine, I don’t think I can hold it any longer. I really have to pee.” John said.
“I’ll find a place in the woods that is dry.”
“Please be safe baby.”
“I will!” John said assuringly.
John and Christine quickly hugged. John opened up the tent and walked off. Christine quickly zipped up the tent so no rain would get in.
Christine looked down at her phone and opened up Apple News. The first thing that popped up was: There Is A Weird Beast In Pine Crab Forest That Shape Shifts, It Is Very Dangerous, Scientists Are Baffled. Christine gasped.
“Oh god, we’re in Pine Crab Forest…” Christine whispered to herself.

About an hour went by and it was still pouring and John hadn’t returned.
“Oh no! Oh no no no!” Christine thought to herself.
“Squish Squish Squish…”
Christine quickly put her hand over her mouth.
“Footsteps, Footsteps! Please be John…” Christine screamed in her head.
Suddenly the footsteps stopped. Christine backed up, making sure not to make a sound.
Suddenly, the door slowly started to unzip. Christine’s eyes widened.

“What?!?!” John exclaimed.
“Oh, oh my gosh, it’s just you!” Christine said in relief.
John was a mess, he was drenched in water, there was dirt and leaves all over him, and one of his shirt sleeves was torn.
“What happened?” Christine Exclaimed.
“Where do I start? First I got lost, then I tripped over a tree root and fell down in the mud, and finally my shirt sleeve got caught in a branch and my shirt sleeve tore.”
“Look, John. We need to get out of here right now!”
“What! Why?”
“No time to explain, hurry!”
Christine quickly unzipped the tent and jumped out.

“Oh god…” John whispered.
They were surrounded by police men.
“Miss! Step aside!” one of the police men said.
Christine took a couple steps to the left.
John’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he slumped over to the ground. Christine burst in to tears.
“WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!?!?” Christine screamed. “HE WAS MY HUSBAND!!!!”
“I’m afraid you’re wrong miss.”
“NO, I’M NOT WRONG!!!!!”
“Turn around Miss.”
Christine turned around, there was John. His lifeless body slowly swung back and forth as he hung there on a tree branch. Christine started crying again. She looked down. This time she didn’t see John though, she saw a pink and fleshy beast laying there. Christine started to calm down.
“Shoot me…” Christine whispered. “Shoot me…”
“Miss, we can’t do that!” one of the officers said.

Christine ran up to him and snatched his gun.
“Fine then, I’ll do it…”