The Visitor Part 4

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

I finally came to my senses and went left, into the forest. Jumping over tree stumps and rocks along the way. “JULIE!!! JULIE I’M COMING!!!!” I screamed. Eventually I got tired and started slowing down. “Julie? Are you there?” I said. No response, I walked on for a couple more seconds until “Thump!” My foot hit something, I looked down. Three headless dolls, and one of them had Julie’s favorite bow on his head. “JULIE!!!!!” I started picking up the pace, sprinting like my life depended on it. “JULIE I’M COMING!!!” After running for a few minutes I saw light, and opening in the forest. I jumped through the trees and then I saw it. A giant cabin in the middle of the woods, then I saw something else, something really strange.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” “THUMP!!!! Julie was knocked out, laying there on the ground.

“Huh? Where am I? What smells so bad? Wait! No! I’m in the sewer!” Julie jumped up. “No! How am I supposed to get out!” Julie limped further into the sewer. “Hello?” After a couple of minutes Julie heard something. “Brrrrr! Brrrrr!” “OH NO, A CHAINSAW!!!” Julie ran as fast as she could, even though she had a bad leg. “NO NO NO!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!” Then Julie came to a split, left or right. “WHERE DO I GO???”

Should Julie Go Left Or Right? Comment Below!                                                                    To Be Continued…

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