The Blobfish

His body was gooey
And slimy
And brain-pink
And as he turned his head
He let out some poo,
He is so lonely
Nobody loves him
Snot dripping out of his mouth
A nose as big as the moon
Eyes that are plain weird
And a frown that’s been on his face for a year.
When I see you I vomit
You’re uglier than my ex-girlfriend
Please go die in a hole
My hatred for you will never end.

Inspired By: The Shark

Photo Credit: Stina_Christina via Compfight cc

The Man From Peru

I wrote a limerick. I thinks it’s pretty funny. I wrote this to see how humorous I could make a poem. I just wanted to take a break from writing scary things and try to write some more funny things.


The Man From Peru
By: Christopher T.

There once was a man from Peru

I thought that he sucked on my shoe

One day he stopped

I looked down and saw

That all my suspicions were true!

Picture Provided By Pixabay CC0