The New Revolution

This weekend I went to Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas. They just released a brand new type of ride and it was truly amazing! It is called “The New Revolution.”

Once you board the roller coaster everybody gets a virtual reality headset and straps. You are immediately sent to a parallel universe where aliens have taken over. You shoot at targets as you slowly rise to the top of your highly advanced training building. As you reach the top the roof gets torn off and you instantly see thousands or aliens ships, fighter jets, & one big mothership. One the alien ships rip off you gun as you plummet to the ground. Laser cannons are being shot everywhere and every second buildings are going up in flames. You flip, spin, loop, & fly around helplessly.

This was so awesome and fun. I really will never forget the excitement and shock that I had. Hopefully all of you guys will be able to experience one of these amazing virtual reality roller coasters!