The Visitor Part 12


“Ugh! Turn on stupid robot!” I scream while banging my hand on the metal sphere.


yes! The robot is awake!

“Hello! I’m robot 396 of the robot industries!”

“Oh! Hello….what’s your name?” I ask.

“My name is Nosroth Gilfilburmen!”

“Um, can I just call you Noss?”

“Of course…master.”

I grab Noss and show him the hole. “You think you could get me out of here?”

“Of course!”

I grab Noss with my only hand and he flies out of the hole! Julie! Here I come.

“Well well well!” A mysterious voice says. Julie is on the ground, mostly likely dead. Julie would never come back home, she will never grow up, I never even said “I love you” before she was stolen. Why does it have to end this way? “You are coming with me girl!” The man picks up Julie and walks out of the room, laughing.

“Thank you so much Noss! Hey what do u think about helping me find my sister?” “That would be splendid!” he announces.

“Time to put you where no one will find you!”

“Time to find Julie”

“Time to end Chris! Once and for all!” The man cackles. “Off to cursed mountain!”

“We are at cursed mountain Chris!” Noss says. “Sounds scary,” “indeed it is!” “C’mon we need to cross cursed mountain!” “YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE CHRIS! TIME FOR YOU TO DIE! I’M ENDING YOU AND YOUR SISTERS LIFE!” The mysterious man says, pointing to a cage with Julie in it.

The Visitor Part 11


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Julie trembles in fear as she slowly walked towards a door with the word “Blade” written on a sign next to it. “ENTER,” the voice echoes all around the room. Tears start dripping out of Julie’s eyes as she opens the door. When she walks in the blade room it is pitch black and not a sound can be heard. “SLAM!” the door slams shut, locking Julie in.

All of the sudden the light turns on, there are giant blades everywhere. “ALL…YOU…NE..ED TO DO..OO..IS MAKE IR PAS..AST ALL OF THE BLA..DES,” Julie walks backwards and bumps into a button. The blades switch on and come towards Julie. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Julie screams. She jump past all of the blades, except for one–Its giant and terrifying–Julie try’s to get past it but the only place to go is a little hole in the middle of the blade. “YOU…WILL LEA..VE UNHARMED IF YO..U MAKE IT..TT…PAST THIS FINA..L BLA..DE,” Julie looks at the blade. “Here goes nothing…” Julie is flying through the air, almost perfectly lined up with the hole. Then…”BOOM,” “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!”


It’s takes a while to get to the light. I’m on the ground now. Panting. Breathing. “Julie…” I look up at the dirt ceiling. “What…” I take a closer look. “No…” I suddenly jump up and look around me. “I need to get out of here now!” I scream. I dash towards the light quicker than ever. “No…no…no…” I quickly look up. “How do I get up there?” I look in front of me and take a couple steps back. I close my eyes, “Just stay quiet…” I whisper to myself.

“BZZZZZZZT!!!!” I squeeze my eyes shut and put my hand over my mouth. “BZZT…KZZT…TZZT…TZZT…” I reach in my pocket and pull out a paper clip and an old M&M. I quickly throw the M&M. “BZZZZZzzzzzt…” I hear it slowly get quieter as it gets further away from me. I open my eyes for a couple seconds and arrange the paper clip into a key sorta thing. I shut my eyes again. “BZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!” “It’s back..” I whisper to myself. I hold up the paper clip key and jab in front of me. “BZZzzZzzzzZtttTtt…..” “CLANK!!!!” It slams onto the ground. I open my eyes and see a robotic sphere with a big purple button on the top of it and propellers on the bottom of it.

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The Visitor Part 10


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I kick the door open as hard as I can and stare the cannibal straight in the eyes. “Game over!” I scream as I rise the gun up. The cannibal looks surprised, but only for a second. He charges at me with a giant meat clever in his hands. I look down at my gun, look back up at the cannibal…then I pull the trigger. “AHHHHHH!!!” he screams as the bullet goes straight through his forehead. He flys back to wall and slumps over, dead. I look away and tears start dripping out of my eyes. “Why…Why did I do that?” I say as I walk forward. Right before I go up the rope, I look down at the cannibal and mouth the word “sorry.” Once I get to the top I look around. I see light a little while to the left. I start walking. “Don’t worry Julie, I’m coming!”


Julie runs as fast as her legs can carry her, fire on her tail. Then, “OW!” Julie trips over a rock. She turns and screams, flames engulf her. 30 minutes later Julie wakes up in a daze; she looks down at her body. She is black from head to toe; tiny flames dancing on her shirt. She quickly puts out the flames and gets up. Suddenly a loudspeaker turns on from somewhere and a distorted mans voice starts talking. “HELLO…JUL..IE…. I…I…SEE THA…T…YOU HAVE WOK..EN UP!!!” Julie looks to the left and right with a panicked look on her face. “IF YOU WANT TO MA…KE IT…IT…OUT ALI…VE…YOU NEED TO COMPL…ETE…ETE SOME PUZ…ZLES!!!” Julie runs over to a corner and slumps down on the wall, “Stop talking to me!” she screams. “DO YOU WA…NT TO GO IN THE BLA..DE ROOM…OR THE…THE SCOR…CH…ROOM!!!”

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The Visitor Part 9

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Pixabay CC0

Julie stared at the hole in front of her. Her mouth opened; she was speechless. She slowly walked forward into the hole even though that meant leaving the main path. Right when she was completely in the pitch black hole, a door slammed shut behind her. Julie looked down; she couldn’t even see her hands. She cautiously walked forward with her arms extended.

After a couple minutes of walking she looked down again; but this time she could faintly see her hands. She must be getting closer to light. Julie started running down the long hallways, every turn she made it got a little brighter. Something weird happened a couple seconds later, it got so bright that Julie’s eyes started to sting. “Oh no!” Julie yelled as she started to turn around. “FIRE!!!”


I looked up and sighed. “There is no way I am getting back up there,” I think to myself. “FRESH MEAT!!!” I jumped and put my hand over my mouth. “HE MUST BE DEAD BY NOW!!” His footsteps got closer; then he stopped. ” A rope slammed down on the ground in front me. I scrambled to the back corner. I put my hands behind my back. “Crack,” a small part of the wall crumbled apart. “I’M COMING DOWN THERE YOU LITTLE BEAST!!!!” I quickly turned around. “A key!” I say aloud. “AHA!!!” He screams. I snatch the key and shove it in the keyhole; a perfect fit! I run in the door and slam it just as a hear a loud thump. I look to my left, “A Gun!” I snatch it and look at the door.

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The Visitor Part 8

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Pixabay CC0


I stared down the hole, “Nah,” I thought to myself. I limped on forward for about 10 minutes or so occasionally stumbling into more bones. Then I saw something that was a little out of the ordinary; Blood, covering the walls. I turned over and looked at the other wall, I froze. There was blood smeared in the wall, it spelled, “Turn around while you still have the cha…” I couldn’t make out the rest of it but I am guessing it says “chance.” I walked about 3 feet when a heard a “CLICK,” I stumbled backwards and fell down. “Jeez, what was that?” I said out loud. Then I saw something, “AHHHHHHH!!!!” I ran I fast as my legs could carry me. Spikes were quickly flying up out of the ground, “CLICK. CLICK. CLICK.” I screamed once more and continued running. “OUCH!!” I fell down a hole hitting the ground hard, I could still hear the spikes coming up above me. “Wait a second, this must be the hole that opened up 10 minutes ago,” I said aloud. I looked up and saw a giant wooden door in front of me, I ran over to it and pulled on the handle. “Dang it! Locked!”

Julie screamed in delight as she ran closer to the light. “Just a little more,” she whispered to herself. After walking forward a tiny bit more she sighed and started turning in the other direction. It was only a single candle hanging on the wall. But suddenly she whipped her head around. “This had to be recently lit, or else it would of been blown out by now!” She thought to herself in excitement. Julie grabbed for the candle and pulled on it. But instead of the candle coming off of the wall it snapped right back into place. Julie looked ahead of her in amazement. “No way!” Julie screamed as a hole was slowly opening up in the wall.

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The Visitor Part 7

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Pixabay CC0

“NO!” Julie screamed,”NO, NO, NO!!!” “you can’t make me pull down that zipper you freak!” Julie yelled. She took one last look at her “parents” and ran away from them. Right when she stepped away a giant cage fell down on top of her “dad.” She screamed once more and started running at full speed. Finally after a couple minutes of running she saw light. “Oh my gosh! YES!” Julie screamed. ” YES! I’m finally free!” Julie started running towards the light.

I tumbled down the long dirt tunnel, hitting rocks as I fell. “OW, OH OWW!” I cried in pain. I finally reached the bottom, but I had bunches of scratches and gashes all over my body. My arm was definitely infected by now. I started slowly limping into the dark, long, hallway filled with dirt. “I’LL CATCH YOU, YOU LITTLE TWERP!!” the cannibal screamed. After a little bit of walking I felt some weird texture under my feet. I looked down. Bones…everywhere. “This must be his hideout” I thought to myself. Just then the ground dropped in front of me. “Another hole? Hmmmmm…”                                                           Should Chris Go Down The Other Hole Or Keep On Going Forward? Comment Down Below!

To Be Continued…


The Visitor Part 6

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Pixabay CC0

I tightened my grip on the machete. “I can’t lose my arm; I am going to try to pry the bear trap open,” I whispered to myself. “I’m coming!” the man in the red coat screamed. I stuck the machete in the trap, I started slowly prying it open. “Just a little more, just a little more,” “CLANG!” The machete snapped in half, and the bear trap closed in again, this time taking off my whole arm. “OWWWW!!!” I screamed as blood quickly dripped out of my arm. I threw my machete on the ground and decided to run away from the man. Right before I reached the forest I tripped on a log and dived head first into a giant hole.

Julie slowly stepped away from two lifeless bodies on the sewer floor. “Mom….Dad….no…! This can’t be happening,” Julie said with disbelief. Mom and Dad were dead, slowly rotting. “You’re next!” A voice whispered quietly. “GET AWAY FROM ME! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY PARENTS?” Julie screamed loudly, tears dripping from her eyes. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Julie yelled, “YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS,” Julie sobbed. She took one last look at her dead parents when she noticed something. A zipper on her parents back, she ran over to her mom and grabbed the zipper. She slowly pulled the zipper down, fluff came out out, everywhere. “HA!!! You don’t have my parents!” Julie screamed. Just as Julie was about to run deeper into the sewer she heard something. “Pull down your dad’s zipper,” the voice said.

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To Be Continued…


The Visitor Part 5

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Pixabay CC0

Julie heard the chainsaw getting closer, she made a quick decision and dashed left. “No no no no no, this can’t be happening!” Julie screamed. She ran a little bit further into the sewer when she stopped. “Why are you doing this to me? Just leave me alone!” Julie screamed at the top of her lungs. She slowly stepped back, making sure to keep her eyes focused in front of her. “Come out come out wherever you are my little child” a mysterious voice said. Julie made sure not to show any fear. “I’m not scared of you, you big jerk!” Julie yelled. But then something else caught Julie’s attention, Something horrible. “MOM! DAD! NOOOOOOOO!”

I saw a person in a giant red coat enter the cabin. “Oh my gosh, I bet he has Julie!” I say to myself. I walked over to the cabin very cautiously, making sure to make any noise. There were bear traps everywhere, scattered as the eye could see, one step in one of those things and my leg was gone. I finally got to the front door, I peaked through the window but I didn’t see anything. I slowly opened the door and the first thing that caught my attention was a giant machete. I snatched it up and continued into the house, there was something boiling on the stove. I walked over and leaned inside, definitely an arm. “Jeez, I’m dealing with a cannibal here!” I whispered. Just then I heard a door creak open behind me. “WHO’S THERE!!!!” The person said once he stepped out the door, his head slowly tilted left, he was looking right at me. “Ahhhh, more supper!!!!” He yelled. I dashed to the door and went outside, I thought I escaped him when…”FLUMP!!!” I tripped and landed on the ground, “CLANG, SNAP!!!!” The bear trap closed down on my arm, crushing my bones. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Just then the man stepped outside. “Come here me pretty!!” He started walking over to me. Then I remembered that I grabbed the machete earlier. I pulled it out of my back pocket. “Oh no! What am I going to do! I could pry the trap open and possibly save my arm but the man might catch up to me, or I could cut my arm off. “I’m coming!” The man said, closing in by the second.

Should Chris Try To Pry Open The Trap With His Machete But Risk The Man Catching Him; Or Should Chris Cut Off His Arm? Comment Below!!! To Be Continued…

The Visitor Part 4

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Pixabay CC0

I finally came to my senses and went left, into the forest. Jumping over tree stumps and rocks along the way. “JULIE!!! JULIE I’M COMING!!!!” I screamed. Eventually I got tired and started slowing down. “Julie? Are you there?” I said. No response, I walked on for a couple more seconds until “Thump!” My foot hit something, I looked down. Three headless dolls, and one of them had Julie’s favorite bow on his head. “JULIE!!!!!” I started picking up the pace, sprinting like my life depended on it. “JULIE I’M COMING!!!” After running for a few minutes I saw light, and opening in the forest. I jumped through the trees and then I saw it. A giant cabin in the middle of the woods, then I saw something else, something really strange.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” “THUMP!!!! Julie was knocked out, laying there on the ground.

“Huh? Where am I? What smells so bad? Wait! No! I’m in the sewer!” Julie jumped up. “No! How am I supposed to get out!” Julie limped further into the sewer. “Hello?” After a couple of minutes Julie heard something. “Brrrrr! Brrrrr!” “OH NO, A CHAINSAW!!!” Julie ran as fast as she could, even though she had a bad leg. “NO NO NO!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!” Then Julie came to a split, left or right. “WHERE DO I GO???”

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The Visitor Part 3

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Pixabay CC0

Julie continued on into the forest, tripping over tree stumps and rocks along the way. Her clothes were getting uncomfortable because of all of the tears in them. “he….llo?…..any…one?…he….lp…me…” Julie whimpered. She trudged on for a couple minutes not seeing any sign of getting out of the forest, but then she saw something. Three dolls with their heads torn off put perfectly in a circle, Julie stared for a second then backed up. “He…ll…o?” Julie whispered. Then she turned around and saw someone in the distance.

I dashed outside. “JULIE I’M COMING!!!!” Oh no! The sewer grate is open, but also there is some trampled weeds in The forest! Is Julie in the sewer or in the forest, I just can’t decide!

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To Be Continued…