To The Top!!!

Ever since I was little I have always looked up to film makers. Their movies always amazed me and made me think of how it was done. When I was 9 years old I decided to make a movie by myself. The movie was about two little kids that got a ninja training app on their phones. After they train they fight, The movie was not that bad! Sadly after that my love of writing books took over. I enjoyed making books for my family to read. Eventually I wrote a book and got a hard cover copy of it, I was so excited! About a year after that some of my friends started making trick shot videos, they were so cool! A week later I started making trick shot videos, then animations! After I made some awesome videos I showed them to my family. Then I wondered something, what if I could share my videos with the world? I got my own Youtube channel and started posting videos weekly, each one more exciting and funny! Now I have over 1,300 subscribers and I am continuing to post videos. If you want to check out my channel just go to Youtube and look up: Weird Films.