Open Letter to Supercell

Dear Supercell,

Supercell, you need to get your game together. You nerfed Balloon’s bomb timer length for what? It doesn’t really effect LavaLoon because the lava pups have enough combined health to keep the opponent’s troops there for another 2 seconds.It only truly affects other uses of balloon. Lavahound decks aside from LavaLoon have always been there, and Minions, Baby Dragon and Mega Minion can all replace the Balloon anyways, if you find a suitable nerf for Balloon. Plus they can all be used for defense. Balloon wasn’t the OP card, it was Lavahound that deserves the blame. . Lavahound is pretty much a card that spawns a minion horde that is split so that wizard can’t attack them. It comes with a tank which can be used to help support the push so while it is a minion horde(6-7 elixer value) when used alone, it can be used to help other air troops bringing its value to more than 7-9 elixir. The Glitch which allows the balloon to hide inside the Lavahound’s hit box needs to be fixed, and Lavahound itself needs to be nerfed. If you realize there is a glitch then change it quickly, no matter what it is.

Secondly, it’s too easy to over-level cards.Commons that are relatively under-powered are overpowered with enough over-leveling. Elite Barbarians and Royal Giant at tourney standards are relatively useless, only spear goblins and sparky are worse. But once over-leveled, everything changes. “Ebola Barbs”, as they have been called, beat your Valkyrie. They shred your knight and even survive your tombstone. Royale giant beats Inferno, gets in 3 hits after.It’s not only these cards. Over-leveled barbarians are a big threat, will kill a Valkyrie and still get 1000+ damage, survive fireball with half their health left, even stop the hog from getting a single hit. Is this fair? This can all be avoided with one change that is already in the game-getting less of the cards that are over-leveled. But if you changed it to not even give you cards that are over-leveled by more than 1 level, then the problem will be solved, and your player base will be satisfied. Paying for advantages is not wrong, but if you can make one thing much more powerful than other things, then there is something wrong that can and should be fixed.

My third point is the new special events. While the challenges themselves are fun, the offers are sooo baaaad. 50 gems for 12 tombstones…. I could buy 50 tombstone from the shop for 60 gems. These have less value than the shop! I could play the challenge 5 times and get 30 tombstones ( I’m bound to get 6 wins at least once right?)I’d have 5 chests and 18 extra tombstones. Why are you doing this? Almost nobody buys these, and they are a total waste of gems.

Next, clan battles are in need of a rework. Goblin Barrel Mirror Clone decks have popped up suddenly, and either 3 crown in the first 30 seconds or get 3 crowned. Rocket Cycle is another problem as rocketing the king tower to get 3 crowns is very unfair to the opponent and takes no teamwork/skill.They both take no skill as the king tower health is too low in clan battles.These can both be solved by buffing the health of the towers in clan battles. If it is supposed to promote teamwork, please make it so that there are more teamwork aspects, such as giving elixir or having each clan be ranked on its win percentage and total games, and make better clans face better clans.

My last point is about balancing. The balancing in the game is so terrible, it makes me cringe. It’s so obvious that spear goblins, royal guards and inferno dragon need a buff, and that goblin gang needs a nerf. Yet you nerf skarmy again! skarmy is in need of a buff, and skeletons need a nerf. Add 2-3 skeletons back to skarmy, and nerf skeletons slightly(maybe a 3-8% stat or a speed nerf?) Zap and log are too popular, so you nerf them? They aren’t op, the cards that they counter are. How do you counter a goblin barrel without perfect timing? Log is the only positive elixir trade with no damage.What kills skarmy, goblin gang, dart goblin,princess , ice spirit, fire spirits, skeletons, and all the other cards that can severely weaken a tower for < 4 elixir ? Log is popular because it counters cards that are extremely hard to counter otherwise. Just because something’s popular doesn’t mean it is overpowered.

Clash Royale has taken a turn for the worse, and it is up to you to change it. Or do you want another Clash of Clans, hugely popular for a while but in the long run unstable. Clash Royale has the potential to become an amazing game, but it could also crash and burn like so many other games.Please consider these changes and thank you for reading.

Thanks for reading and considering my changes,

Christopher Wu


Recently I read Naruto, a manga/anime series that is the most popular manga is the world. It tells the story of Uzumaki Naruto and his rival Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki , one of the sons of The Sage of Six Paths, who beat his mom Kaguya , the creator of chakra,  as she went crazy and used the Ten-Tails, the most powerful beast ever, to destroy everything. The Sage then separated the Ten-tails into 9 pieces to prevent his mom from coming back and destroying everything. Sasuke is the reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki, the other son of The Sage of Six Paths. Their stories happen just like Asura’s and Indra’s story, Indra/Sasuke is a natural prodigy born with a ton of talent and has many advantages, while Asura/Naruto has no talent, but works way harder than Indra/Sasuke ( partly because Indra/Sasuke is not very hard working). In the end Asura/Naruto is stronger while Indra is extremely angry and vows revenge, however, Sasuke diverges from Indra’s path, and works with Naruto.

Naruto is an Uzumaki, which means he has very large chakra reserves, and is also the jinchuuriki (jinchuuriki’s are the humans that contain a Bijuu inside of them, while Bijuus’ are the tailed beasts created from Ten-tails) of Kurama, the nine-tailed beast and the strongest of the bunch. Sasuke is a Uchiha, which means he has Sharingan, which allows you 360 degree vision and other extraordinary powers that awaken when you experience loss. He doesn’t have to work nearly as hard of Naruto, but keeps up as he want to kill his brother, who loved him so much he was willing to kill all the other Uchiha to save him, as the Uchiha were planning revolt but Sasuke was too young to know so he could be saved. His brother Itachi, is a supertalented shinobi that gained a evil reputation while still actually working for the government as he wanted to have his brother kill him, take his eyes, which will evolve into the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan giving Sasuke more power and giving him fame for killing him.

Sasuke is also helped by Orochimaru, one of the strongest shinobi . Orochimaru can summons snakes and has developed techniques to make his lifespan unlimited, summoned back the dead, and many other powerful things. Naruto meanwhile is helped by Jiraiya, one of Orochimaru’s former friends and a shinobi as powerful as him. Jiraiya can summon frogs and is a famous shinobi who has an obsession with women.

Later they both run into Tsunade, the candidate for hokage, the highest position, and learn she is obsessed with gambling and always losses her bets . She is the last member the trio, and can summon slugs which can be used to reattach bodies while keeping them alive. She is a medical ninja who can heal and use that knowledge of the body to attack and deal severe damage with simple attacks. They used to be an unbeatable trio , only beaten by Hanzo, one of the strongest shinobi ever, who is only eventually defeated by Pain, with Rinnegan.

Rinnegan is extremely powerful as it can create the 6 paths, Deva, Animal, Naraka, Asura, Human and Preta paths’. Animal Path gives you the ability to summon any animal, while Naraka controls life and death. Deva controls gravity and Human grants mindreading. Preta allows you to absorb chakra and Asura gives you extra limbs, mechanical parts and overall just makes you a superhuman. These abilities alone make it so that it take 3 or 4 shinobi just to take down one path making Pain one of the strongest shinobi ever. Naruto and Sasuke’s village is attacked by pain, and only a few survive. However, Naruto convinces Pain of what is right and Pain restores everyone back to life.

It turns out that Uchiha Obito was manipulating him to try to capture all the bijuu, to recreate the ten-tails. Obito was supposed to be dead but survived with the help of Uchiha Madara who put Hashirama Senju’s cells in him. Naruto and Sasuke’s teacher, Kakashi Hatake used to be friends with him before Obito “died” . Obito now hates him however as he thought he saw Kakashi kill Rin, Obito’s love. That was actually because Madara tricked him to convince Obito into working with him, though that isn’t discovered until later.

Madara was the Uchiha Clan’s leader before they had a peace treaty with the Senju Clan and its leader, Hashirama, the God of Shinobi. Hashirama was called the God of Shinobi because he was never beaten in battle and was the only one who could beat Madara, use Wood Dragon to control the bijuus’ chakra, and was the 3rd strongest shinobii ever.Madara becomes paranoid and tries to kill Hashirama, is beaten and is almost killed, but Hashirama thinks he is dead and leaves. Madara did get a bit of Hashirama’s flesh, which he uses to heal himself and make vegetative clones. This later causes him to manifest Rinnegan , but only when he is almost dead, so he entrusts the Rinnegan to Obito who secretly enplants them in Pain.

Now, Obito is the only one of the evil 3 left, and can’t do much alone now. He enlists Kabuto, who can bring back the dead, and brings back all the most powerful shinobii, and he controls them to kill everyone. However, Itachi implanted a special crow in Naruto which lets Itachi do as he wants, and Itachi and Sasuke stop Kabuto.

Madara stays alive however, and he practically kills the 5 Kages, shinobi nominated for their strength. He proceeds to summon the White Zetsu Army, which overwhelms the already weakened shinobi forces. He creates ten-tails and absorbs ten-tails, becoming the Jinchuuriki of ten-tails. He attacks everyone, which consists of the few shinobi that can still fight. They are :Naruto, Killer B( the brother of the Raikage and the jinchuuriki of 8 tails) , The Raikage A, The Kazekage Gaara( the jinchuuriki of 1 tails) , The Hokage Tsunade, The Mizukage Mei, the Tsuchikage Onoki, Sasuke, Kakashi, and some other random Jounins( the 2nd highest level, second to only Kage . He uses Susanoo, an extremely powerful Sharingan ability, and fights them all. He loses but immediately after the Shinobi have another fight: Kaguya.

She was using Madara the entire time to come back to life. All the bijuu’s lend Naruto some chakra, respecting him and helping him out a ton.The Sage lends Sasuke and Naruto power, and they become extremely powerful and Sasuke awakens Rinnegan. They fight her and win.She is sealed away on the moon. Sasuke decides to try and capture all the bijuu and take over the world, but Naruto stops him. Both lose an arm in the process but aren’t weaker. Sasuke decides to change and renounces the path of Indra. Naruto becomes Hokage and Sasuke and him work together to bring peace.

Naruto in short, is about how hard work and perseverance will surpass sheer talent and circumstance, and how compassion trumps outright control with fear. It is also about how compassion changes and how 1 boy , can change the world.


Clash Royale Team Battles

Recently, Team Battles have comes out, and they have been super popular. Many clans got tier 10 in 1 hour or so, and some clanmates didn’t even get the chest as they were still sleeping! The clan chest was very casual, and relaxing. Many people didn’t really try and won mostly by luck. Clan battle are extremely informal but it is still important to have a good deck. Yarn from Orange Juice said that it is best to have 2 balanced decks. I disagree. 2 good decks is better than a 16 card deck, however, 2 unbalanced decks  can work together to be a good deck.

1.Goblin barrel troll deck

First player: Goblin Barrel, Mirror, Clone, Rocket, Freeze, Musketeer, Valkyrie, The Log

Second player: Goblin Barrel, Mirror, Clone, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Zap, Princess, The Log

This deck specializes in fast 3 crown wins. It is extremely hard to counter without Arrows, or Tornado. It can’t really counter a real push, so if they can counter the first attack, then you have no chance.

2.GoLava beatdown deck

First player: Elixir Pump, Golem, Electro Wizard, Skeletons, Log, Rocket, Tornado, Executioner

Second player: Elixir Pump, Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Minions, Zap, Poison, Balloon, Baby Dragon

This deck is good at building a big push and destroying the opponents. They can each build 2 pumps and defend and at double elixir each build a 20+ elixir push to get 3 crowns. If you can build a push, the opponent can’t defend it. Generally the First player should try to get a Golem, Electro Wizard, Executioner and have Log, Rocket and Tornado ready, while the Second player should get a Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion/Minions, and Baby Dragon.

3. Rocket cycle

First player:Rocket, Poison, Tornado, Inferno Tower, Furnace, Elixir Pump, Electro Wizard, Skeletons

Second player :Rocket, Fireball, Log, Bomb Tower, Furnace, Elixir Pump, Ice Wizard, Minions, Ice Spirit

This deck is kind of a Sim City deck, as there are 4 buildings, however, the fact that it goes for 3 crowns means furnace chip damage doesn’t matter.Furnace is not necessary, cannon or Tesla could replace it, You just need a air splashed.It keeps defending and whenever it has a elixir advantage it rockets and crown tower. With the same health but 2x the elixir, it is much easier to take out the king tower.


All 3 of these decks are the main archetypes you see in clan battles, and they are all very powerful. These are all decks I made myself, so sorry if they are weak/missing something. Thanks for reading and see you all next week.

The iPhone 8 (or The iPhone, or The iPhone Pro, or the iPhone X)

Recently the iPhone 8 has had some leaks about it, and I want to point out some of the most noticeable new features.The iPhone 8 will have a lot of change, and will be released with the 7s and 7s+.

The iPhone 8 will introduce wireless charging, a popular idea.Not many other companies have introduced it, and how it will work has not been explained. However, it promises to be great and is an amazing idea to boost profit margins and its popularity.This will be the biggest smartphone ever, however the Samsung v8 will be bigger. It features a 5.8 inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area, and 0.65 of a function area where you have the home button, apps you use a lot and other things you use often. It will have smaller edges and be a mostly edgeless phone. The new iPhone will have a 1000 dollar price tag, much higher than before, however, at least with all these new features, maybe the 1000 dollar price tag isn’t too unreasonable. Apple also ditched the lightning earphones for new ones.The new USB-C is still wireless and it hasn’t been determined what the difference between them and the Lightnings is. Inside, the iPhone 8 will have a 10-nanometer A11 chip that will be both faster and more efficient, plus additions like iris, facial, or gesture recognition. That will help it be much more speedy and with Apples’ integration help it be the fastest phone.

The iPhone 8 promises to be a great new phone, and worthy of being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. I hope all of these features are kept, aside from the 1000 dollar price tag, and I hope Apple continues to make great products like this.

Clash Royale Balance Changes

Recently there have been some balance changes and I will be discussing what they will be and what they will change.Some of these will revive old cards, and some will kill certain cards.

1.Baby Dragon.Range:3-3.5

The Baby Dragon has fallen out of the META recently because of the executioner and and fact that it constantly misses cards like goblins. The range buff doesn’t change that but makes it so that baby dragon can hit the furnace on a 4-2 plant without the towers hitting it. Baby dragon it still relatively weak, but it now is a hard counter to furnace, and with the furnaces popularity that might have been a decent buff to if not bring it into the META, at least be used some.

2. Witch. Damage+6%

The witch was not used very often due to its inability to kill skeletons on offense, but with this buff it can now 1 shot skeletons, making it a much more useful troop due to the popularity of skeleton army.The skeletons it spawns can be used to protect the meatshield(A Giant or Golem)from inferno towers, or a mini PEKKA.Hopefully this can bring it into the META , as witch is a fun card but has gone the way of the wizard.

3.Poison. Duration:10-8.Damage+24%

The overall poison damage has been reduced by 0.8%, but that is relatively negligible and who can keep a troop in for 10 seconds anyways.The DPS increase means that it kills skeletons in one shot and can kill that push before it gets an extra 100 or so damage on your tower.

4.PEKKA Spawn Time:3-1

The PEKKA seemed to be a punishment card if they have no elixir,due to the ease of which it can be countered, but the 4 second spawn time makes it so that the opponent has 3-4 elixier to defend. Now with the 2 second spawn time paired with a log the enemy can’t defend with just 1-2 elixer. However, this can work the other way around; you have a 7 or 8 elixir advantage so you decide to place a PEKKA in the back to deliver a death ball push, however, The 2 second spawn time gives you around 1 elixer less to push with, so you can’t zap/log that skarmy they place to defend(for example, PEKKA 3 musketeers).I know that PEKKA has never been a punishment card and rather was a deathball push, but now it can be both, a good punishment card and a slightly worse deathball.

5. Skeletom Army 16-15

6.Skeletons 3-4

now I am grouping these together because they amount to one thing: Ledoot came back from the army!! Skeletons are again the DPS troops they once were with a 33% DPS increase. Skeleton Army got nerfed slightly, but that shouldn’t affect any troop interactions. Skeletons are a different story, however. They can now kill a hog alone, stopa prince, mini PEKKA, and with proper placement stop a minion horde, minions, musketeer, and pretty much any non building targeting troop alone

7.Dark Prince:hitpoints+5%

Many people wanted Dark Prince to have a buff, due to the fact that it is a splasher but dies to skarmy, adding to the list of things that skarmy kills. a 5% hitpoint buff didn’t change much, and a much ore appropriate buff would be a splash buff or a smartness buff which makes him run into the middle of the skarmy before spinning. Dark Prince is fun to play with and I hope he can eventually become META.

8.Executioner:Damage-6% range:5-4.5, and axe radius-10%
The Executioner, as you all know, was an super OverPowered card and its”Bugs”(knockback and throwing its axe away) contributed to its success.These nerfs will do for now, and after the “Bug” fixes are out, it will be balanced.It now is on par with a bowler, with air exchanged for no knockback and less DPS. Before this, he was a air bowler with more DPS, the same HP, AIR, and 360 attack.It was too good, but now is just a very good card, not a OMG I BEAT AN EXECUTIONER WITHOUT AN EXECUTIONER OMG.

Thanks for reading, I hope you agree with me, comment if you disagree and I will try to learn about what you mean.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently Pokemon sun and moon has come out and I want to share some of the reasons I think that it is one of the best generation for the competitive world.Some of these reasons you may disagree with, and some you may not. I hope you can see my point though, and see my reasoning.

In Alola, there are no mega evolutions, which were overpowered and unfair. Mega evolutions had so much of a stat advantage over other Pokemon, and only counters or another “mega” can stop them. I say “mega” because I am calling primal reversion, complete form and other boosts after max evolution mega evolution. Mega evolutions were like Elite Barbs, if you couldn’t counter them you were dead, so you were forced you to have a counter.

Alola has none of these things, and adds diversity to the game. Exeggutor now can have harvest and new stats, making it useful. Muk has boosted stats and a much more colorful look. Raichu benefits from a new ability that works amazingly with tapu koko. Ninetails and Marowak are all new pokemon that can be used in Alola. Additionally, the stronger pokemon are harder to get. Toxapex has a 1 percent of being called by a Corsola, after which you evolve it at level 50. Chansey can be called by a baby pokemon, as it is the protective motherly pokemon. The legendaries spawn once in the game, and with bad IVs, which affect a Pokemons strength, can be useless.

The best part about Alola however, are the Z-crystals. Some pokemon that were unpopular got good Zmove potential, or had special Z moves. Pikachu has 2, and raichu has one, probably due to the fact that it is the main face of the company yet is so weak. Zmoves also increase the importance of timing. If I have a magearna with double special attack, and I have my Z crystal, but he has a full health kartana left and he has a full health decidueye in battle, I will take a hit from decidueye to kill him and then also get a win, while if a had killed the decidueye with my Z move his kartana would have one hit KO’ed me. I gives people with skill advantages, while those who don’t will just toss the Z move out and waste it. Z moves are an important part of Alola, and without it, Alola is not nearly as interesting.

I like Pokemon Sun and Moon for its lack of mega evolutions, its diversity, and its Z moves. I think Pokemon did a great job and this generation was a great game. I hope you agree, and if you do, please comment and I will reply soon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

The pokemon sun and moon anime has recently come out and with the new animators have come some changes. Some noticeable ones are that ash has gotten a lot chubbier and weaker, but there are some other differences between this and other series.
In every other series so far, ash gets a starter and starts battling gyms and meets a few companions, either 2 or 3 along the way, but in this series, ash has taken like one episode to find his companions, and there is are lot more, 4. Additionally, there are no gyms in alola, which are replaced by totem pokemon and island kahunas. However, ash also hasn’t been doing any traveling to look for island kahuna, so after 12 episodes, he has 1 kahuna beaten and hasn’t ever seen another kahuna yet.
It is obvious that the new series will have a bunch of changes, I hope that there will be more soon! Sun and moon has been looking like a great show so far, and I hope it stays that way.

Reddit Clash Royale

So recently, I have been reading a online website called Reddit which has a ton of information about everything. I like it because I can read about games at school and that it has little profanity.
Reddit has a credit system, in which good users are rewarded and can be recognized, while trollers will be downvoted and everybody will know to ignore them. It helps you know what is good.
Anyways, on to the clash royale decks

1.Deck List: Elixir Collector, Minion Horde, Inferno Tower, Zap, Spear Goblins, Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Fire Spirits.

I feel like this is a good deck to counter the current meta, because inferno counters royal giant, and Valkyrie counters elite barbs. I don’t really feel like this deck has a win condition though, so I don’t know how it attacks.

2.Ice Spirit 2. Minions 3. Miner 4. Fireball 5. Zap 6. Princess 7. Mini Pekka 8. Barbarians

I think this deck is pretty good, but the most people don’t have princess and miner so that’s annoying.I think that it is slightly weak to lavaloon, with only minions to do stuff. Princess doesn’t do good damage and ice spirit will help but the lack of buildings makes it hard. Maybe fireball?

3. Goblins, fire spirit, zap, inferno tower, mini pekka, princess, ice wizard, miner.

This feels like a p2p deck because of the legendaries. However, it can be strong and the defense is strong. This deck is probably chip damage, as I assume the minipekka is defense and goblin and miner are offense.

Overall, these decks are all pretty strong but eventually they will all die because of meta changes.The new troops battering ram executioner and goblin gang seem to be pretty strong and may affect these decks adversely. However, I think that in the current meta these are all viable decks and will work pretty well. I hope you try them out (I can’t) and hopefully gain some trophies with them.

Pokemon Best Walls Gen 2

Hi guys, I am going to talk about some good walls/stalls for gen 2 and how to use them. First of all, use leftovers for everything.

Shuckle is a great wall due to its super high defenses. If you use some HP-UPs, you can get it to be pretty powerful. It can learn toxic, which is useful, or you can defense curl and then spam rollout for 160 power and stab. 2 good move sets are:
defense curl

or if you didn’t use your toxic, then

2. Snorlax
Snorlax is good because it comes with rest and snore, starts at a high level, and has great health. It’s defense is trash, but it has high enough health to make up for it
move set:

3. Tyranitar
Tyranitar has good bulk, and good defenses.It is good for using sandstorm and also has a good natural moveset for its attack.
hyper beam

4. Lugia
Lugia has recover, is legendary and has amazing health. I can be used to sweep and with hydro pump, and aeroblast as possible moves, you can over come any team.
Move set
hydro pump

5. Crobat
Crobat has good speed and can learn toxic, which makes up for its crappy defenses for a wall
move set
double team
wing attack

6. Suicune.
Suicune is a legendary so it is bound to be good. It has good water moves and can use mystic water and rain dance to multiply its power a ton. It is the only Pokemon on this list to not use leftovers
move set
rain dance
hydro pump

7. Blissey
Blissey is a good wall because it can survive big hits and heal up. It has no attack though, so it isn’t the best wall.
soft boiled
egg bomb
double edge

This is all, I might make a list of sweepers and such later

The Economy

Recently, the stock market has seen a lot of volatility and I will be going over some of the reasons or strange effects.

1 . Trump. Trump has decided to roll back pollution limitations and help coal and oil come back. Coal and oil, already big stocks, have started to grow and stopped failing, while clean energy in the US has faltered. Additionally, since stock always do terribly after an election but rise back right after, The stock market has seen some ups and downs there.

2 . China’s 1 child law. China recently repealed its 1 child law , which limited Chinese women to only 1 child. This was expected to increase to number of births and infant companies and diaper companies were getting ready to up size. Unfortunately, couples did not actually have more children and nothing really happened.

3 . Brexit. Britain was the 5th highest ranking country based on gross domestic product and had considerable influence on the market. After Britain left the EU, it fell to 6th place in GDP and the pound lost 14 percent of its value against the dollar. Many British stocks have fallen significantly and investors have stopped invest in Britain.

4 . Samsung. After Samsung phones started exploding, Samsung stock dropped dramatically, while Apple stocks did well due to its opponents failure. Samsung released new phones only to have them explode again. Samsung is a big company that has significant influence in the tech sector, along with apple, alphabet IBM, Microsoft , HP and amazon. It cause some shifting around in the tech sector as Samsung investors shifted to apple and other Smartphone companies. Additionally, with Apples perfect timing with the phone 7, it stole a decent chunk of Samsung customers.

5 . ISIS. ISIS took over a decent chunk of the middle east and earns from 1 billion to 3 billion from oil exports, “Taxes” , robberies, and selling historical artifacts. It costs the US around 5 billion a year, spending about 1 million a day. Over all, world wide spending probably eclipses 6 billion. It drags world economies by slowing them down and wasting time and money while causing fears for people.

This is my list of important events that effect the world economy. Comment if you have an other major events and I may do a follow up post soon.