Being a 7th Grader!

Being a 7th grader is going to be difficult, but it’s also going to be easy and even very fun. The best part of 7th grade, well to me was six flags. You get to relax for the rest of that day, yes you have to wake up very early but it is worth it.

People say 7th grade is the easiest grade, but don’t listen to them,  yes it could be easy but BOOM!! it hits you like waves on the beach. It seems to be very peaceful but then you hear a clash of water onto the sand or like a tropical storm first it’s very beautiful and peaceful but out of nowhere rain starts to come down, thunder, lighting and a hurricane.

What I’m trying to say is that 7th grade isn’t always going to be easy but it won’t be hard too. Make sure you do your homework and your work and you will survive.

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Summer Plans!

I can’t wait in till summer vacation. I know that summer is going to be amazing because I’m going on a mission with my church to go and help orphans in Mexico.

My sister and I are very happy to go on the trip, the only thing is that my mom is worried about is that it would only be me, my sister and my brother. It took a lot of talking to get her to agreed to the mission, the thing that makes me happy is that I get to see lots of kids smile and that we get to play with them and i would make so many new friends.


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Family Lake House

I’m so excited for this weekend. One of my friends that I hadn’t talk to for about 2 years. She is going to spend all weekend together while her mom is away. I have a fun weekend plan for us and after all that fun we are taking her to my family’s lake house to fish, paddle boating, and swimming and my mom really wants to take lots of pictures before she leaves back home. Some of my close family members are also coming too so that would be good to , the best part is that my room has a water bed which is so awesome. I can’t wait to go to the lake house. I know it would be great!Lever de SoleilCreative Commons License Jérémy Sauterel via Compfight


If I had to pick a favorite animal I would have to pick a Wolf. I don’t know why but I really like them,I would also pick a dog but they’re similar to the the wolf. I think wolves are so adorable and so cute,and I would do anything just to get one of my own. I had seen a big pack walking when me and my family were hiking, the pack was so cut there were a lot of big wolves and then from a far distance I could see little ting wolves following the wolves.I wish,How's about some sugar, baby! Valerie via Compfight I could see that again. 


Goosebumps has to be one of my favorite book series. I wanna try to read all of them but there are to many, my personal favorite is the one with the doll named Slappy and the movie is amazing, funny ,and so exciting. I got part of the books last year because I kept on annoying my mom all about it and so long story short she bought some to make me quiet again, and now when I very board I get one of the books out and I pretend I am there in the book. Help! We Have Strange Powers! (Goosebumps Horrorland) Vernon Barford School via Compfight 

This is one of my other favorite book “HorrorLand”


              Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints & SamoasS-special


              M-more amazing

              O-oh my gosh



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I choose this because it’s girl scout season so every girl scout is asking or selling cookies. My favorite cookies are Samoas,they’re so good they make my mouth water right no while I’m writing this right now. I wish that they can sell them all year,I also like thin mints and the peanut butter ones but I just forgot there name. I’ll maybe buy some right after school.

Hover board

One of my friend got a really cool hover board and we rode it so much that on the 5TH day we rode the hover board it had exploded and we got so scared it had caught on fire and we started to scream. I’m was really surprised that her mom and dad didn’t here us.

We didn’t really know what to do, after a few minutes pass by we just stood in front of it and just stared then after a while someone finally came outside and it was her mom and when she saw the fire she started to scream. She ran inside really quickly and got the fire extinguisher and sprayed it, my friend was really sad but long story short she did get a brand new one.

It was kinda fun when it caught on fire and it was really cold outside, it felt so good just to sit in front of the fire, it was warm and I was happy just to spend time with her I haven’t seen her since I moved and it was really nice to see her. I was kinda hoping her new one would catch on fire for this time we can cook s’mores on it.

Thanksgiving fun

Thanksgiving is  one of my top five of favorite holidays(of course my #1 favorite holiday is Christmas!).

Thanksgiving was so much fun,we watched football and we watched movie and made a lot of food!! When we were watching football it was the Longhorns (45 points)  vs. Texas Tech (48 points) Before the game I’d beat my whole family that Texas Tech would win and Long horns would lose  and guess who got money on Thanksgiving,After that we just stayed home and watched a lot of movies,scary,sad,funny, and even weird ones that were awful. I love my family!!

I hope we can do this again next year! Christmas is also going to be very interesting this year!



Basketball is one of my favorite hobby’s and sports to do. When I’m really mad all I do is just play with my ball and and trow a few hoops and then I am clam again. I have been playing Basketball since I was six but I had stopped when I was seven because I had twisted my ankle really bad trying to make the shot but I didn’t because someone trip me and we had lost the game but everybody was still really happy but we lost. We went out to eat and it was great I never went back to basketball I don’t know why, but I think I should it’s really fun.


Today I had the most weirdest dream ever I was dreaming that I was on a boat and I was still was wearing my pj’s I did not know how I got there and it was just me,all by myself. All of a sudden there was a big storm coming my way, where did it come from I thought. It looked like a huge whirlpool and it was growing really fast I didn’t know what to do other than scream as loud as I can. “It’s no use.” I said to myself when just as I was about to give up, my face was all wet, I wasn’t in the water yet then every
thing went dark what happen. My face was still wet and then I woke up was that it, is it over. Ahhh! I screamed as loud as I can and my mom came into my room and there was something under my blanket and I lifted it up very quickly and it was my dog Bruce he was one of my big dogs was there. That explains why my face was wet when I was dreaming, I’m so glad that was a dream.

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