Hover board

One of my friend got a really cool hover board and we rode it so much that on the 5TH day we rode the hover board it had exploded and we got so scared it had caught on fire and we started to scream. I’m was really surprised that her mom and dad didn’t here us.

We didn’t really know what to do, after a few minutes pass by we just stood in front of it and just stared then after a while someone finally came outside and it was her mom and when she saw the fire she started to scream. She ran inside really quickly and got the fire extinguisher and sprayed it, my friend was really sad but long story short she did get a brand new one.

It was kinda fun when it caught on fire and it was really cold outside, it felt so good just to sit in front of the fire, it was warm and I was happy just to spend time with her I haven’t seen her since I moved and it was really nice to see her. I was kinda hoping her new one would catch on fire for this time we can cook s’mores on it.

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