Being a 7th Grader!

Being a 7th grader is going to be difficult, but it’s also going to be easy and even very fun. The best part of 7th grade, well to me was six flags. You get to relax for the rest of that day, yes you have to wake up very early but it is worth it.

People say 7th grade is the easiest grade, but don’t listen to them,  yes it could be easy but BOOM!! it hits you like waves on the beach. It seems to be very peaceful but then you hear a clash of water onto the sand or like a tropical storm first it’s very beautiful and peaceful but out of nowhere rain starts to come down, thunder, lighting and a hurricane.

What I’m trying to say is that 7th grade isn’t always going to be easy but it won’t be hard too. Make sure you do your homework and your work and you will survive.

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Summer Plans!

I can’t wait in till summer vacation. I know that summer is going to be amazing because I’m going on a mission with my church to go and help orphans in Mexico.

My sister and I are very happy to go on the trip, the only thing is that my mom is worried about is that it would only be me, my sister and my brother. It took a lot of talking to get her to agreed to the mission, the thing that makes me happy is that I get to see lots of kids smile and that we get to play with them and i would make so many new friends.


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