Today I had the most weirdest dream ever I was dreaming that I was on a boat and I was still was wearing my pj’s I did not know how I got there and it was just me,all by myself. All of a sudden there was a big storm coming my way, where did it come from I thought. It looked like a huge whirlpool and it was growing really fast I didn’t know what to do other than scream as loud as I can. “It’s no use.” I said to myself when just as I was about to give up, my face was all wet, I wasn’t in the water yet then every
thing went dark what happen. My face was still wet and then I woke up was that it, is it over. Ahhh! I screamed as loud as I can and my mom came into my room and there was something under my blanket and I lifted it up very quickly and it was my dog Bruce he was one of my big dogs was there. That explains why my face was wet when I was dreaming, I’m so glad that was a dream.

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