Every Soul A Star

My ISR book is called Every Soul A Star. My book is about three kids. One of them is named Ally. She loves all things nature. But she really loves outer space and stars. The other girls name is Bree. Bree is “popular”, gorgeous,  and a future prom queen. She loves everything fashion and stuff. The lat kids name is Jack is overweight and awkward. Jack is used to spending a lot of time alone. An isolated camp ground (owned by Ally’s parents) In the middle of nowhere, thousands have gathered to see something so rare. A total eclipse of the sun. Three lives, Jack, Ally, and Bree, are about to change forever. Told from the three perspectives. An adventure of a lifetime a good story about adventure, astronomy, freindship, love , and kindness. It is a good book in a way of suspense and sadness as well. I do recommend this book.This is a book by: Wendy Mass. the setting is Joes poor house, Brees scientific home and Ally’s isolated campground.

My name is Claire. I have been playing soccer since I was about 5 years old. The first game I ever played as 5 years old. I loved soccer so much. I always looked forward to it every week. Later that year I moved to Texas. I started kindergarten at Foresttrail Elementary. When I turned six I started recreational soccer. It was nothing serious but it was fun. I did that until age 9 then I did I Academy soccer which was basically training us for select at age ten I tried out for select. I made a good team we only lost like 4 games it was amazing. To this day I am still playing select soccer. I hope to continue playing for a long time.

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