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The End of School

So… It’s May and this is the last blog post for seventh grade. The first blog post I wrote about was the show Pretty Little Liars. Now, the last blog post will be about how weird this year was. There… Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why

I recently finished watching the show 13 Reasons Why. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. The way the actors played the characters and the execution of the show made it so amazing and I would totally recommend… Continue Reading →


I’m really excited for this summer because of the things I’m doing. I’m  going to different camps and different places, so I’m really looking forward to it. First, I’m going to Trinity University for a three week camp. The camp… Continue Reading →

Spring Break

All the time in the world… to catch up on sleep and be able to stay home all day. Spring break is coming up and I’m so excited. I’m excited for spring break because there’s no school.  No more tests,… Continue Reading →

The Path

My friends and I had an adventure. We went exploring, and we made a lot of discoveries. It was also sort of scary, but ultimately really fun. The situation started when my friend, Alejandra, invited me to go to her… Continue Reading →

Why Homework is Pointless

Piles upon piles of paper, tall stacks of textbooks, bulging big backpacks. These are all symptoms of homework. Homework is pointless, and here’s why. The first reason homework is pointless is that it takes precious time away from students. There’s… Continue Reading →

La La Land

I recently watched the new movie, La La Land. It was a really good movie, and I would definitely recommend it. I won’t spoil the whole movie for you, but I’ll give you a few reasons on why I liked it…. Continue Reading →

Lego Land

During winter break, I went to the Lego Land in Kansas City. I surprisingly had a lot of fun with my cousins-in-law, and I got judged by a lot of people on the way. When we got there, no one was… Continue Reading →


Lots of people I know love fall and are always super excited for fall, but I personally like winter better. I always look forward to the winter (and holiday) season. The first reason that I love winter is the cold… Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving was last Thursday, and I had a lot of fun. If you don’t know what Thanksgiving is, it’s a feast that celebrates the first Thanksgiving that the pilgrims and Native Americans had. At least, that’s what I learned in… Continue Reading →

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